Steve Flesher has an interesting post over at American Thinker about “rehabilitating” Sarah Palin, or more specifically, how she can help rehabilitate the GOP.

Goodness knows, the GOP needs all the help it can get.  Between the very public “war” between Chris Christie and Rand Paul, the fall from grace of Marco Rubio, John McCain’s unveiled attacks on the only actual conservatives in Congress, and the lackluster, waffling of GOP leadership, the Grand Old Party is looking more old than grand.

Is Sarah Palin the answer?  Or at least part of it?

Flesher, linked above, sure seems to think so:

In the Senate, Palin could serve as the bridge between Tea Party legislators like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and establishment veterans like John McCain. As a result, the party may finally begin to “rehabilitate” itself as it makes a fundamental shift back to its own core principles by making the Constitution its roadmap.

Of course, it goes without saying that Sarah Palin doesn’t have to run for anything to be effective. That has been proven over and over again.

With all that being said, respected commentators like Bill Kristol could serve the party well by acknowledging the truth. The only ones in need of rehabilitation are the self-appointed experts in the GOP, not people like Sarah Palin who have actually gotten things done both in and out of public office.

He makes some good points throughout, and while, personally, I’m not sure compromising with the likes of John McCain will lead anywhere good, if anyone can bridge the chasm between the Tea Party and “establishment” republicans, it could well be Palin.



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