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Branco Cartoon – That’s A Wrap

Branco Cartoon – That’s A Wrap

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IRS, EPA, DOJ, NSA, … The environment is treacherous.

Hooray. Ok, well, yeah, peace at last.

Ok, so it might be the peace of the dead GOP but it’s the peace that Johnny Boy McCain and Lindsey Gramnesty have been harping about. To kind of paraphrase a fifty year old saying, “Peace at last, Lord God, Peace at last!”; more properly said as dirt is tossed onto the casket!

The GOP has been mau-maued from without, and country clubbed from within.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Henry Hawkins | August 26, 2013 at 5:23 pm

I reject anything that paints the GOP’s problems as anything other than self-inflicted. Politics is battle. The GOP lost its will to fight. End of story. End of party to follow.

The only thing missing is the word “spineless” somewhere on the tape.

Brilliant – Police Tape for the Police State.

RINOs are more disgusting than outright leftists. They are accomplices and complicit in the destruction of a great nation.

Branco forgot “coward,” “talentless,” and “backstabber” on the tape.

Sometimes I wonder if that elephant wants to be free…