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Branco Cartoon – Red Face

Branco Cartoon – Red Face

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Operation Manhood.

People remember Dubya’s unfortunate wars in afghanistan and irak. You don’t even have 10% of Americans now wanting the USA to engage in syria.

Less is better than “more.”

The “Foot in mouth” disease meme also has a very different connotation when you put it into a Middle Eastern perspective as well. Foot in the face of someone is a very grave insult in most Arab cultures. I wonder if this double entendre was intentional? If not, it still certainly makes a strong point.

Methinks that Branco had better be prepared for a thorough “examination” of his loyalty. Beware of the knock on the door…

Operation SQUIRREL!

assemblerhead | August 29, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Got a relative that will love this.
Its in the e-mail….

“I have no earthly idea why they’re talking so much,” said retired Admiral William Fallon, the former head of the military’s Central Command. “It’s not leaking out; it’s coming out through a hose. It’s just a complete head-scratcher.”

David Deptula, a retired Air Force lieutenant general who commanded the no-fly zone over Iraq in the late 1990s, said that military action was most effective when a U.S. foe like Assad didn’t have a clear sense of the timing and severity of a potential strike and couldn’t take protective measures in advance like dispersing his troops or weapons so they’d be harder to find and destroy. The administration’s public and private comments, he said, meant that Assad would have an easier time figuring out when and how to prepare for a U.S. assault.

“You don’t want an adversary to know what’s coming,” Deptula said. “Now Assad does.”