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Americans Target Obama, Boehner and Filner in Protest Activities

Americans Target Obama, Boehner and Filner in Protest Activities

As a co-founder of the first San Diego Tea Party group, I appreciate grassroots activism that lights fires under our politicos.

I would like to feature two new citizen-organized protests and update my Legal Insurrection friends on the local one I have been closely following. They are each inspiring, in their own way.

I am watching the news from Egypt closely, and it seems that the Muslim Brotherhood is engaging in a Coptic Christian version of Kristallnacht.   There are reports that within a 24-hour period, 32 churches were completely ruined, 19 churches were severely damaged, and scores of Christian homes, businesses, and automobiles were destroyed.

Unhappy with the response of the Obama administration, especially with the threat of pulling money from Egypt’s military that is trying to protect their Egyptian co-worshippers, American Copts in Tennessee are taking to the street to protest:

Hundreds of Coptic Christians took to downtown Nashville, Tenn., streets this week to protest the ongoing and escalating violence their faith is facing in Egypt.

Among their chants: “Obama, Obama don’t you care? Christian blood is everywhere,” The Tennessean reported. The demonstrators, waving Egyptian flags, also called for Americans to “pray for Egypt.” And signs abounded, with messages such as: “We are against Muslim Brotherhood.”

However, the President is not the only target of citizen ire for lack of effective response to Islamic extremist terror activities. Speaker of the House John Boehner has constituents so unhappy with the scale of the Congressional investigation into the Benghazi attack last year that they have put up some very dramatic billboards:

Billboards demanding a Watergate-style committee to investigate Benghazi have gone up in House Speaker John Boehner’s (R., Ohio) district, with the organizers contending he’s the man standing in the way of getting answers to the terrorist attack.

“We know this is a bold step, and it may raise some well-coiffed hairs on the back of John Boehner’s neck,” Larry Bailey, Capt. (SEAL), U.S. Navy (Ret.), and cofounder of Special Operations Speaks (SOS), a veterans group running the billboards, said in a press release.

“But the fact is that, he, and he alone, is blocking a full-scale Watergate-style investigation of one of the deadliest scandals in U.S. history—a scandal that reaches into the inner sanctum of the Oval Office,” Bailey said.

Finally, the recall movement to force San Diego Mayor Bob Filner from office is proceeding apace. Mayor Bob Filner’s attorneys are in mediation with City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and attorney Gloria Allred. Interestingly, the heir-apparent Todd Gloria has also been present during the talks. Beyond the sexual harassment, it looks like there may be other reasons why Filner may wish to pursue a non-recall based option:

[Q]uestions focus on “administrative holds” Filner placed on the developments — a mechanism the City Attorney’s Office has said lacked any legal basis. These holds allowed the city to extract additional concessions from the developer after the usual process for community input and project approval.

In the case of Centrepoint, the developer agreed to rent apartments by the unit rather than the bed and made a $150,000 payment to improve a nearby park.

In the Sunroad case, the Filner administration wanted a $100,000 payment from the developer for two Filner pet projects: a veterans memorial in Ocean Beach and a daylong bicycling event.

While none of the events are true “Tea Party”, it is evident that Americans are now inclined to respond to the lack of real leadership from the political establishment by taking the initiative themselves. Yes, Tea Party lives!


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Filner’s being offered a money package to resign.

While in Syria, Day TWO of the rebels’ battle with Assad has seen Assad’s troops delivering directed fire at whatever this group thought was going to lead to a successful buffer zone; whereby a new syrian entity would be created.

How long before NO FLYING PANTS exists, where any aircraft from Iran, landing in Damascus gets shot down? “No fly?” Or lots of “flies?” Putin’s backing Assad.

What’s the short little king in Jordan got? Will he never face push-back for this?

Not even bothering to ask if anything here will be successful … because on DAY ONE Assad eliminated 1000 rebels. And, today, another group has been added.

So many dead they’re being buried in mass graves.

While whatever propaganda the West’s press tries to impose … a lot of people now know it’s “spun.” And, the real news is hidden.

I love reading about grassroots efforts elsewhere. Hope Legal Insurrection makes them a regular feature.

As a founder of a grassroots group here in NYC, its always encouraging and instructional to read how fellow citizen activists are creating their own platform to raise awareness instead of waiting for some candidate in shining armor to speak for them.

Great billboard. Great incentive.

Filner is being offered some degree of indemnification against lawsuits by the city, it seems it was a money question all along. The other acts may not be covered if any criminality took place, but Jesse Jackson makes his living extorting money and favors from companies, and he is still free (it’s his son who’s in jail – and drawing disability because he’s “bipolar”).


Obama and Kerry thought ElBaredei could negotiate some shared-power piece. This is the guy who as head of the IAEA couldn’t find the Iranian nuclear program being built in the plant he was in! The deliveries of equipment were rolled by him on hand trucks as he sat there scratching his . . . head.

Of course, Obama is a huge fan of the Muslim Bro’hood, he’s hosted them at the White House, hired them for his Administration, dumped our sick 40 year ally Mubarak in their favor, and supports them “participating” even after they attempted to subvert Egypt’s democracy into a theocracy.

To Obama, killing Christians is a feature, not a bug.


I’m frustrated by the pace of Benghazi investigations, too, but it’s not because the House is dragging its feet. Obama and Kerry and the CIA are stonewalling.

What makes anyone think they wouldn’t stonewall a House Select Committee just the same?

Issa’s doing what can be done now. If we take the Senate, that’s another ball o’ wax. Yes, that means it will likely be another two years or more before we actually force out the truth.

Elections have consequences. Obama was elected twice. Those who stayed home because McCain was too squishy or Romney too Mormon or whatever bear some responsibility here.

    “Those who stayed home because McCain was too squishy or Romney too Mormon or whatever bear some responsibility here.”

    -Do not agree. If we don’t flush out the rino rats of the GOP, they’ll continue to hold us hostage, and inflict a George Bush ‘slow death’ upon us, rather than a quick catastrophe that will etched in the minds of voters for a couple of generations. Obama is that quick catastrophe. Had we elected McCain or Romney, we would have enabled every democrat leftist initiative, and at the end of the mess, the GOP would be blamed, and voted out.

    How we GOP voters collectively tolerate an ass like John Boehner as the House Squeaker and Reince Prebus as Chairfool of the GOP is as scandalous as Obama’s Manchurian Presidency.

Filthy Filner – how much you wanna bet the settlement includes

#1 with a bullet – San Diego pays all legal costs of defending any sex harassment suits

#2 City pays any judgements in same

#3 Filner gets paid out until the next election, in full.

#4 Fulner gets accelerated vesting in any pensions, retirement, life long health care, etc.

#5 Filner admits no wrong doing

#6 City pays for any lawyers Filner hires to sue them.

BannedbytheGuardian | August 22, 2013 at 9:35 pm

Nancy has been Trayvonned. That is 1977 certifiable.

When you say Filner is being offered a ‘package,’ do you mean…

Oh, never mind.