The Great Oberlin College Racism Hoax of 2013 finally has broken through to the mainstream media, albeit via a wholly inadequate AP article picked up at mainstream publication that fail to disclose that the lead perpetrator was a liberal Obama supporter, or that the Oberlin administration knew it was a hoax but didn’t tell the student body.

Now, via Chris Wysocki, comes another tale of a racism hoax exposed.

As reported by, Jersey City high school candidate for student gov’t sent racist texts to himself:

The black St. Peter’s Prep student who purportedly received racist text messages warning him to drop out of the Jersey City high school’s student government election sent the texts to himself, a school official confirmed last week.

“The entire Saint Peter’s Prep community is relieved that this extremely distressing incident has found closure, and we commend the various law enforcement officials for their diligent work on this case over the past months,” said school spokesman James Horan, who confirmed the result of the probe after its disclosure by a police source.


Among the messages the student sent himself was the Democratic Party talking point that using Obama’s middle name is racist:

The 16-year-old was running for president for the Student Council in May when he supposedly received four hateful text messages. He brought them to the attention of school officials who called in his father and police.

“We have NEVER and will NEVER have an (n-word) to lead our school,” was one of the messages supposedly sent to the 16-year-old student, who at the time, was a resident in Jersey City.

The message went on to call President Obama by his middle name Hussein and used a racial slur in referring to Obama, a police report said. “We will never make that mistake again. Drop out right now . . .” it continued, a police report said.

This continues a long line of such hoaxes, as Michelle Malkin describes in this video (h/t @SooperMexican).  Michelle makes a really important point at the 4:00 mark: