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When Obama’s lost the Ithaca sign people

When Obama’s lost the Ithaca sign people

There’s a pedestrian triangle on Route 13 in Ithaca where people gather to hold signs.

These were spotted this weekend by my wife:

Sign - Ithaca - Drones1

Sign - Ithaca - Drones2


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to the full extent allowed by law.


I wouldn’t get too excited. These same people would no doubt heartily approve of using drones against Tea Party members.

So, Professor, would you be assaulted, or arrested, or both if you went to this pedestrian triangle with a right wing sign like….oh, say…I’m A TeaParty Patriot or Rush Rules?

I dunno but I think that the second picture of the van with the open doors is suspicious especially when a ladder leading to the roof for the installation of anti-drone device is also evident.

The guy with the sign also doesn’t look like he was from Ithaca…

Funny how they never call out Obama.

Same thing here. The protests have all dried up.