Two big things have happened this week (so far).

First, yesterday the 200,000th comment was posted at Legal Insurrection:

200,000 comments is not a lot for many websites which use third party platforms like Disqus.  We have considered many times, and ultimately rejected, the third-party platforms in favor of more control over who comes in the door.  This is a gated community.  I think that adds to the quality of the comment section.

Second, we picked up many first time commenters, and many new readers because of the Zimmerman trial coverage.

The Zimmerman coverage is typical of what you will find here — we’re like a rabid junkyard dog that sinks its teeth into someone’s leg and never lets go even when beaten over the head with a pipe and filled with buckshot from the police.  Okay, maybe not the best analogy.  But we do sink our teeth into issues, cases, candidates, politics and the law, and don’t let go until our teeth are ripped from the gums.

The only thing you will not find here are good analogies.  But we’re working on it.

So stick around.

BONUS:  Rush Limbaugh has some great things to say about Legal Insurrection.

Via Daily Rushbo:


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