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Pelosi’s “Family-Friendly” Economic Agenda for Women

Pelosi’s “Family-Friendly” Economic Agenda for Women

Yesterday, McClatchy reported on Pelosi’s newest divisive endeavor: an economic agenda for women.  After all, we all know that women are not part of the economic fabric of this nation, that we all secretly aspire to be government-dependent Julias whose “health care” needs are those related only to reproduction.  Apparently this new and improved attempt to divide and conquer isn’t focused on social issues, only on women’s “pocketbooks.”

The California Democrat launched a legislative agenda of family-friendly policies, such as paycheck fairness for women, an increased federal minimum wage, and President Barack Obama’s proposed early childhood education initiative.

The agenda, coming as the legislative season begins to make way for next year’s campaigns, was designed to stand in contrast to bills being debated under the GOP majority on the House floor. “It’s all about letting women know there’s an opportunity for something different,” Pelosi said, over salads, sandwiches and sodas.

Last time around, the focus wasn’t on “family-friendly” policies, it was on the young single woman: the women who had to be fear-mongered into believing that their “right” to late-term abortion-on-demand and abortion-as-birth-control was under threat and the 30-something law school student who didn’t want to pay for her own birth control.

This time, the ghost of Julia is resurrected, and government is her cradle-to-grave sugar daddy.  Lovely.

Sarah Palin has the right idea:

But it’s probably a good idea not to underestimate the regressive strategy of continually denigrating women while simultaneously seeming to champion us.  They excel at femisogyny, and let’s face it:  it’s worked so far.


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I’ve been experiencing Nancy’s “economic agenda for women” the last 5 years…. I’d rather not experience it for another 5.

So the ghost of Julia is being resurrected. Perhaps someone should point out to the former speaker that Detroit is a result of following the Julia theme to its ultimate end

How many pieces of “paycheck fairness” legislation has Pelosi and her ilk passed into law thus far? Shouldn’t women be riding the employment gravy train by now? I thought we were all saved after the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act – guess not.

I recently joined the ranks of the part-time employed. Though I am eternally grateful to my Dem betters for having the foresight to pass a health care law that makes nearly every employer I encountered shake at the thought of hiring full-time, I wonder how long before the young women I work with remain content with their free birth control as they work per diem without benefits. None of these women seem to have a clue they will be forced to buy their own health care in 2014. The only one I’ve met so far who had any idea at all they’d be mandated to buy health care was under the impression the law wasn’t going into effect until 2016. The rest are too busy griping about the lack of full-time jobs and lamenting having to hold 2 or 3 part-time positions to notice what might be heading their way.

I have to say I am honestly surprised though they do seem to be making the connection that the lack of full-time jobs is directly related to the health care law. If only there were a few competent folks in an opposition party to make hay of the debacle that is Obamacare and the current job market. Instead we have “the stupid party” scurrying to pass immigration legislation that absolutely no one but Obama and his cronies in Washington thinks is a priority. Unbelievable.

‘We all secretly aspire to be government-dependent Julias whose “health care” needs are those related only to reproduction.’ Or to be more precise, to *non* reproduction. That is part of the irony of “reproductive rights/freedom” rhetoric. Generally they mean the right *not* to reproduce. Science-fiction readers are familiar with dystopias in which people cannot reproduce without special license/permission from the State.