Yesterday, McClatchy reported on Pelosi’s newest divisive endeavor: an economic agenda for women.  After all, we all know that women are not part of the economic fabric of this nation, that we all secretly aspire to be government-dependent Julias whose “health care” needs are those related only to reproduction.  Apparently this new and improved attempt to divide and conquer isn’t focused on social issues, only on women’s “pocketbooks.”

The California Democrat launched a legislative agenda of family-friendly policies, such as paycheck fairness for women, an increased federal minimum wage, and President Barack Obama’s proposed early childhood education initiative.

The agenda, coming as the legislative season begins to make way for next year’s campaigns, was designed to stand in contrast to bills being debated under the GOP majority on the House floor. “It’s all about letting women know there’s an opportunity for something different,” Pelosi said, over salads, sandwiches and sodas.

Last time around, the focus wasn’t on “family-friendly” policies, it was on the young single woman: the women who had to be fear-mongered into believing that their “right” to late-term abortion-on-demand and abortion-as-birth-control was under threat and the 30-something law school student who didn’t want to pay for her own birth control.

This time, the ghost of Julia is resurrected, and government is her cradle-to-grave sugar daddy.  Lovely.

Sarah Palin has the right idea:

But it’s probably a good idea not to underestimate the regressive strategy of continually denigrating women while simultaneously seeming to champion us.  They excel at femisogyny, and let’s face it:  it’s worked so far.


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