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Liz Cheney running for Senate

Liz Cheney running for Senate

We previously wrote about this, Run, Liz Cheney, Run and Our second team.

Now it’s official:

I wanted her to run because we need competition in primaries — no more entitlements.

Now that she’s running, she’ll have earn the nomination.


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Carol Herman | July 16, 2013 at 8:43 pm

Lots of Americans don’t vote every year. And, yet, here we see 2014 coming along. And, I’m going to bet people will be motivated. I’m glad Liz Cheney is entering the race. Because she’s got the name recognition to get lots of attention. It’s not negative attention, either. Back in 2000 when her dad stood there, he actually represented COMPETENCE heads and shoulders above the presidential candidate. Her dad made the ticket viable.

I want 2014 to be the year that lets American politicians know they may think of us as “the sleeping giant.” But we got prodded awake. And, where the difference begins to be made is at the polls.

Good announcement. Got a little cliched near the end, but clear and full of calm, sincere conviction.

I agree about primaries; Wyoming weakens the no more entitlements argument.

9thDistrictNeighbor | July 16, 2013 at 9:22 pm

We saw her with her dad on the book tour last fall. As my Mom would say, she’s sharp as a tack. Best of luck to her.

A rooster swan, with more cajoles than most of the political establishment has combined.. YES!

First off, I’m a Wyoming Resident.

I like what she said in the video. The only problem I have is that she chose to run in Wyoming and not her home state of Virginia.

There is a reason behind why I do not like that she is running in Wyoming. For a long time now, I’ve seen politicians lie. They will tell whatever audience they are addressing whatever that audience wants to hear. So this comes down to a matter of trust. Since she is entering the political arena, that seriously dampens my level of trust. Then you throw in the fact that she is pretending to be Wyoming resident with years of experience in Wyoming and I really start doubting her.

I see this as a political move. Obviously, some strategist concluded (probably correct, sad as it is) that her best chance of winning is in Wyoming instead of Virginia. There is really only one election she would have to fight, the Republican primary. After that, it would be her election to lose in the general. Really, she would have to come out as a vegan that opposes the mistreatment of animals in rodeos and 4H to lose.

Since she is making an obvious political choice to run here instead of in Virginia, I have to question whether she truly means what she is saying or if she is just telling me what I want to hear. So my prior doubts have been increased. If she had run in her actual home state of Virginia, I would have less doubts about her sincerity.

I’m also not a fan of establishment Republicans. I don’t care what people say, Dick Cheney is part of the establishment. While I like what Liz said about reducing the size of the government, I have to also consider that while her father was Vice President the federal bureaucracy and the level of spending greatly increased; even more than what we saw when Clinton was president. Don’t forget that we have George Bush and the GOP to thank for DHS and TSA. Dick Cheney is a big government Republican just like George Bush.

Should the GOP take over both houses of Congress and the Presidency in 2016 would Liz Cheney urge Congress to cut taxes and spending, cut the size of government? Until I hear her repudiate her father’s choices, I don’t believe she will.

casualobserver | July 16, 2013 at 10:25 pm

Even though this is at best a GOP vs. GOP battle, given the last name and gender the media will likely dwell on this one. While many might not agree with her, to the left she is as much or more a threat than many other non-white-men that have cause such a panic before. Surely there are more than few supposed ‘journalists’ who are very excited at the chance to trash her.

    Kenshu Ani in reply to casualobserver. | July 16, 2013 at 10:51 pm

    I don’t see how she is a threat to the left. At the worst, she will replace Mike Enzi, a man who pretty consistently voted with the GOP and would occasionally cross the aisle. At best, she will lose and they will retain Enzi. Just trading Republicans around.

    Wyoming isn’t an important enough state during presidential elections, the left probably won’t worry about the senate seat (low information voters only really turn out during presidential elections). In fact, we matter so little that the GOP doesn’t even campaign here during presidential elections.

      casualobserver in reply to Kenshu Ani. | July 17, 2013 at 6:45 am

      Just as Michele Bachmann, Allen West, Justice Thomas, etc., have all been steadily and at times unfairly attacked, so will Liz Cheney. The threat is not her votes. It is her symbolism. As many before has noted, the left wants sole propriety over women and minority politics. And she it a prime target by comparison. She isn’t unknown. She has a high degree of name recognition. I expect egregious attacks. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Since I don’t vote in Wyoming I don’t care who the better candidate is. And while intramural bloodbaths should be avoided the seat belongs to the people, not a party or candidate.

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I like Liz.

(If that’s not her campaign slogan, someone should be horsewhipped.)

if shes that good why did she have to move to wyoming to run and not run where shes been living?
smacks of a clinton type NY senate run.

    hrh40 in reply to dmacleo. | July 17, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    Only a very light smack.

    I mean, come on, Cheney has generations of roots in the state and has spent much time in the state.

    Clinton had NO ties to NY. None.

    I’m not in WY so not taking sides. But this comparison is weak, weak, weak.

I think this kind of competition is absolutely necessary to a healthy debate and selection process. I’ve never even heard of the other guy so either I’m remarkably ignorant or he isn’t very active. Perhaps both