Those of us who have been following Andrew Branca’s excellent coverage of the Zimmerman trial here on LI weren’t at all surprised by the verdict.  Indeed, we’d have been surprised by anything else; however, leftists are busy little bees, working their race-baiting denial-of-facts-and-law nonsense with a disconcerting fervor.

One interesting development has been the “new” definition of “profiling.”  Jazz Shaw explains:

This has caught fire in a way I never expected. We’re done saying, George Zimmerman went after Trayvon Martin because he’s black. The new hotness coming at you from the media – old and new – 24/7, is that Zimmerman “profiled” Martin. And if you think about it, it’s fairly brilliant. The race card has been played so often and for so long that there’s barely any paint left on it. But the idea that anyone – not just law enforcement officers – can “profile” somebody has a fresh coat of paint and sounds like it could sweep in all sorts of disaffected groups. Plus, it has the added bonus of already being a word in common use, nearly always in a pejorative fashion. The judge didn’t allow the word “racial” to be put in front of it – another plus for those who would have Zimmerman’s head on a pike – but that didn’t matter. Everyone heard it in their minds.

The police use racial profiling to unfairly target minorities and now civilians can do it too.

Profile we much. Or something.

Does it matter that George Zimmerman isn’t a racist?  That the FBI cannot find any evidence of racism in this Obama-voting, black kid-tutoring Democrat doesn’t matter.  What matters here, to the race-baiting left, is that we find a new way to keep racism alive.  We no longer have to limit our fear and concern to  just the police “profiling” hoodie-wearing black delinquents, we need to ramp up the fear of all white (or “white Hispanic”–whatever that is) people.

That should do wonders for burying the fact that attacks on whites increased 18% from 2010 to 2011.

But that’s different.  You know, somehow.

Laudable now? Killing, assaulting, maiming random, preferably unarmed white people (and “white Hispanics”) “for Trayvon.”  Yes, really.  Leftists look the other way when their base beliefs actually encourage the very behavior they claim to oppose.   After all, randomly beating someone because he or she is white is totally different than randomly beating someone because he or she is black.

Or something.


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