The Judge in the Zimmerman trial just ruled that the jury will not get to see numerous text messages on Trayvon Martin’s phone regarding his prowess at fighting, including texts as to how to punch someone in the nose and make them bleed.

The Judge did not give an explanation for her ruling other than to stand by her prior ruling as to social media evidence.

It is not clear if the Judge found a lack of authentication, which was one of the arguments last night.  The Judge did indicate she reviewed the Lumarque case in which a trial court was reversed for failing to allow text messages.

The Judge also ruled that an animated video prepared by the defense (consisting of still animation pages, not motion) will not be allowed in evidence, but could be used as a demonstrative exhibit by the defense.  That means that the animation images are merely part of the defense argument, probably in closing, not evidence the jury takes back into the jury room.

Nelson ruling


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