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Zimmerman Trial LIVE – Jury Selection Day 9 All-Day Coverage

Zimmerman Trial LIVE – Jury Selection Day 9 All-Day Coverage

Today we will again be covering the Zimmerman Trial Jury Selection live, all day. At day’s end I will post a separate wrap-up discussing what happened and implications for the case moving forward. Thanks for joining us! Check out our Day 8 end-of-day wrap-up  to see our wrap-up of the State’s voir dire of the 40 prospective jurors yesterday.  To see all of Legal Insurrection’s recent coverage of State of Florida v. Zimmerman, take a look at our previous posts.

If you’d like to have on hand our compilation of notes on each the 40 prospective jurors still in the running, go to Zimmerman Jury Selection Profiles- “Top 40″ Advanced to Next Round


Just in: Our jury will be: B29, B76, B37, B51, E6, E40 alternates are E54, B72, E13, E28. Please check back soon for a breakdown of what we know about these jurors.

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Thursday, June 20 Commentary

Today the defense gets its turn for full voir dire of the “top 40” prospective jurors who were selected yesterday to advance to the next round of jury selection. The “lucky winners” are:

B7, B12, B29, B35, B37, B51, B61, B72, B76, B86, E6, E13, E22, E28, E40, E54, E73, G14, G29, G47, G63, G66, G81, H6, H7, H18, H29, H35, H69, H81, H86, I5, I19, I24, I33, I44, K80, K95, M75, P67

We’ve pulled together a compilation of our notes on these prospective jurors here: Zimmerman Jury Selection Profiles- “Top 40″ Advanced to Next Round.

Incidentally, if you’ve never had the opportunity to see an juror questionnaire, as referenced so many times in voir dire during the last week, I’ve made a sample questionnaire available at my Law of Self Defense blog post:  Zimmerman Trial: Never seen a juror questionnaire? Here you go . . .

We also anticipate the return of State expert witness Tom Owens today at 2:00PM, to testify further on his analysis of background screams in the Witness #11 911 call. Mr. Ownens, you may recall, was the State’s speech expert who previously characterized the audio recording as “not really good evidence.”   This is part of an as yet incomplete Frye hearing on whether Mr. Owens’ and other state audio expert can testify at trial.  And, in the context of the Frye meeting, we have yesterday’s unofficial “comment of the day”:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 7.14.40 AM


I expect Mr. Owens may experience a grilling, indeed.


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From what I’ve seen so far, Mark O’Mara seems to be conversing with the jury in a way that puts them at ease.

I didn’t watch the feed yesterday, but from the sounds of things, Bernie was doing the opposite.

O’Mara is hitting homerun after homerun.

Andrew, when the day is done, do you think you could run a section discussing the objections the State has brought up during vior dire?

Am I wrong to think the jury is a home-run for the defense?

6 women, 5 of them white and one hispanic. Is that correct?

Sharpton, Crump & Co. won’t be happy.

So, does the sequestration of the jury start right away? Do they start staying in the hotel tonight? Or does it not start until Monday?

I am not sure an all woman jury is representative of “a group of peers” in this particular case, but I can see how both sides can agree to it. The State will play upon the emotional mother loses child aspects of Trayvon’s death, whereas the defense can work upon the protective/survival motherly instincts when describing the stand your ground aspects of the case, and how Zimmerman was fighting for his own life.

Well, the Frye hearing was certainly anti-climatic. Just three questions from Mr. Mantei? I guess he was really counting on getting Owen to testify about what the tech support guys at his software company said, and when that got shut down as hearsay, he just wasn’t left with much.

Mantei presented much better than West, though. His questioning of Owen was succinct and brief, while West meandered and kept interrupting Owen (to the annoyance of the judge)as he tried to answer West’s questions. With the illustrious list of experts the defense summoned and the quality of their testimony, it should have been easy to make Owen look like a charlatan; yet in being passive-aggressively belligerent towards him, West managed to make Owen come off as (almost) sympathetic. Mantei had his act together on closing and gave a crisp, succinct articulation of the State’s position whereas West, who looked exhausted almost to the point of being overwrought, was unprepared and just rambled on and on.