Today we will again be covering the Zimmerman Jury Selection Day Six live, all day, along with a separate end-of-day wrap-up post. To catch up on the lastest events in State of Florida v. Zimmerman, click here and take a look at our re-cap of last week’s events.

As usual we will be maintaining live-stream video coverage, just below, as well as rolling Twitter coverage from selected commentators, including me, at the bottom of this page. In between the video stream and Twitter feed I’ll post regular updates throughout the day to note any events of particular significance. At day’s end I will put up a separate wrap-up post discussing major events of the day, and their implications for the case moving forward. Thanks for joining us!

Live Stream Video

Monday, June 17

Court is scheduled to begin at 9AM, although typically there are a few minutes of non-public court business before the live TV coverage begins in earnest.

Breaking News

Frye Hearing Testimony to Conclude Today, 4PM

The Court has announced its intention to wrap-up its still unfinished Frye hearing this afternoon.  A fourth defense expert witness on speech recognition and speaker identification was unable to be heard two weeks ago along with other experts due to travel complications.  He is now scheduled to testify to the court via video conference at 4PM today.

Prospective Juror Contributed to Zimmerman Defense Fund

While being questioned by the State this afternoon a prospective juror offered that he had contributed $20 to the Zimmerman defense fund, a fact apparently unknown to the State until mentioned.  Despite this modest contribution, the prospective juror stated that he would nevertheless be able to be a fair and impartial juror.

Religious Beliefs Get One Prospective Juror Dismissed

Another prospective juror was quickly dismissed this morning when he adamantly insisted that his religious beliefs simply do not allow him to sit in judgment of another human being.

Racial Character of Case Leads to Extensive Questioning

The racial characteristics of the case have also driven some extensive questioning of prospective jurors.  H13, for example, was questioned by the State and Defense counsel Don West for about an hour on issues around the racially-tinged protests that had occurred in the weeks following the shooting.


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