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Zimmerman Trial LIVE – Jury Selection Day 3 All-Day Coverage

Zimmerman Trial LIVE – Jury Selection Day 3 All-Day Coverage


Today we will again be covering the Zimmerman Jury Selection Day Three live, all day, along with a separate end-of-day wrap-up post. To catch up on the lastest events in State of Florida v. Zimmerman, click here to take a look at last night’s wrap-up post.

As usual we will be maintaining live-stream video coverage, just below, as well as rolling Twitter coverage from selected commentators, including me, at the bottom of this page. In between the video stream and Twitter feed I’ll post regular updates throughout the day to note any events of particular significance. At day’s end I will put up a separate wrap-up post discussing major events of the day, and their implications for the case moving forward. Thanks for joining us!

Live Stream Video

Wednesday, June 12

Court is scheduled to begin at 9AM, although typically there are a few minutes of non-public court business before the live TV coverage begins in earnest.

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The quips certainly demonstrate the uphill battle that the defense faces. The potential jurors who admit a predisposition against the defense but who then say “Yes, I can put my preconceived notion aside and be completely fair, with both sides starting with a blank slate,” are especially dangerous. They are especially dangerous because many judges will not allow them to be excused for cause. When that is the situation the defense has to use up one of its limited peremptory challenges.

Do they do stuff like this at other courthouses in other states, or is it mostly a Florida thing?

Checkpoints established for Zimmerman trial

The Florida Highway Patrol is now manning mandatory checkpoints at the entrance to the center on Bush Boulevard.

Drivers are being asked to present identification to prove why they need to be at the justice center.

Such identification can be jury summons or court paperwork.

It is believed the checkpoints are not in response to any sort of specific security threat, but rather a crowd control tactic to keep an eye on who’s on the property and to help with parking.

One issue, though, is the checkpoints are backing up traffic in the morning when the majority of people are arriving.

As a result, signs are posted telling drivers which lanes to use if they want to access the justice center versus driving past it.

Members of the news media are also being required to provide identification to access the property.

Seems a bit heavy-handed, no, unless there are huge protests down there they’re trying to keep under control or something? I’m about 80 miles Northeast of there, and also don’t have TV, so I’m not sure what the situation is like down there.

Just FYI, for anyone who missed the day’s coverage (like me), the Orlando Sentinel has some clips up:

We expect to have our summary of the day up shortly, in a separate post. I’ll include a link to it at the top of this post, but it will also appear in the normal blog post sequence on Legal Insurrection’s home page.