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Wendy’s gonna have to stand some more

Wendy’s gonna have to stand some more

Reports of the death of SB5 were premature

With so much going on last night and today, we didn’t cover the filibuster by Texas State Senator and new Democratic hero Wendy Davis.

Davis gave a 13+ hour filibuster against a Texas proposed law restricting abortions after 20-weeks. Her filibuster was joined by hundreds of screaming protesters reminiscent of the takeover of the Wisconsin State House.

Davis and the protesters managed to run out the clock on the Texas Special Session, so that when the bill passed it was a few minutes late.

It also started a #StandWithWendy hashtag on Twitter joined in by Barack Obama.

Rick Perry, however, is calling the Senate back into Special Session to pass the law again, via AP:

Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday called a second special session of the Texas Legislature to pass widespread abortion restrictions, after the first attempt by Republicans died overnight following a marathon one-woman filibuster.

Perry ordered lawmakers to meet again on July 1 to act on the abortion proposals, as well as separate bills that would boost highway funding and deal with a juvenile justice issue. The sweeping abortion rules would close nearly all abortion clinics and impose other widespread restrictions on the procedure across the nation’s second-largest state.

The measure passed the House, but died after Democratic Sen. Wendy Davis led a more than 12-hour filibuster effort. Hundreds of protesters then cheered, disrupting Senate proceedings as the session closed at midnight.

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst hinted that another special session was coming when he denounced the protesters as an “unruly mob.” Democrats who urged them on called the outburst democracy in action.

In either point of view, a raucous crowd of chanting, singing, shouting demonstrators effectively took over the Texas Capitol. The final outcome took several hours to sort out.

Reports of the death of SB5 were premature:


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Uncle Samuel | June 26, 2013 at 5:57 pm

Leftist OWS/Arab Spring tactics are all alike. Noise, destruction and chaos, lies, tricks, silencing, bribes, intimidation and violence instead of reason, evidence and civil, orderly debate.

I have come to hate ways of the left.

Washington state prohibits legislators from speaking for more than three minutes – within the last 72 hours of a legislative deadline – precisely so nonsense like this doesn’t happen.

Texas should take a look at doing the same.

If she wants to filibuster again, give her only saline water, because its good enough abortions, its good enough for her.

I’m ashamed to admit that I voted for her to be our City Council representative way back when – had no idea she was going to be such a disaster for our state.

Mobocracy will NOT work in Texas.

But Ms. Davis (Harpy, Ft. Worth) DID get a few more days for infanticide.

Yeah TEAM…

Let me be very clear here (for anyone who wants to believe the AP) what happened in Austin last night.

Starting early Sunday morning, buses were bringing in a group that more resembled the Occupy crowd than anyone found in Texas. These were braless, ring in the nose, stinking people who obviously support abortion at any stage of pregnancy, but have an aversion to soap and water. These anarchists stood in line for 2 1/2 days, in the Texas heat, for entry into the gallery.

Once Davis started, she was encouraged by the anarchists at every step of the way. Toward the end, and only after signals were given by Kirk Watson (D), former mayor of Austin, did the gallery crowd start chanting. When Davis’ filibuster was put to an end, Kirk Watson and Rodney Ellis (D) tried to take over for her. They are the ones who tried to run out the clock.

The AP reports:

“The sweeping abortion rules would close nearly all abortion clinics and impose other widespread restrictions on the procedure across the nation’s second-largest state.”

This quote was taken directly from Cecile Richards, daughter of former Tx governor, Ann Richards, and president of Planned Parenthood. Who lied.

what the bill would do, is require all clinics to meet the same state medical standards as any out-patient clinic that does surgery. It would also require the doctor performing the abortion to be certified to perform abortions and to hold hospital privileges, so that their patients could be treated by them, not another doctor, should their patient experience a problem due to the abortion.

The vote started prior to midnight, and there are those who think that Robert’s Rules apply here and that as long as the vote started prior to midnight, it holds. The Democrats, wanting to make sure that Planned Parenthood can kill as many black babies as it can in Sheila Jackson-Lee’s district, disagreed.

Instead of fighting over the rules, Governor Perry will recall the Senate in a special session starting July 2. And S. 5 will be readdressed, only this time, there will be enough Tx DPS officers to arrest any of the crowd that doesn’t understand they have a right to assemble, peacefully. Last night was far from peaceful, and there were too many anarchists and not enough DPS.

The whole fiasco in Austin last night was planned by the Democrat Party. Both Barack Obama (who couldn’t remember to send sympathy to Chris Kyle’s widow) and Nancy Pelosi, devout Catholic, so she says, tweeted #Stand With Wendy. The plan was always to shout down the Senate to the point where the vote could not be heard, even in the well of the Senate.

What the Democrats did in Austin is going to backfire on them badly. Texans like their politics wild, but not that wild where pro-life proponents were actually threatened, physically, by the anarchists that showed up.

Wendy Davis, a bleached blond who more closely resembles a ship-channel hooker than an elected state Senator, filibustered for one reason; she wanted national attention as her ambitions are not limited to the State of Texas. She got it. But fame is fleeting.

Go Perry. Git ‘R done.

I am reminded of the saying, “She makes you want to burn every bed in the world”.

They did not support premeditated murder without cause and without due process. They did not oppose premeditated murder without cause and without due process. They were pro-choice. This is reminiscent of the days preceding the Civil War, when redistributive change was an institution and human lives were selectively (i.e. choice) disposable and exploitable. The days when extraordinary or fundamental corruption was normal.

So much for the next generation of Texas women… and men. Their mothers rejected them as so much inconvenient baggage.

This is a victory for women who dream of material, physical, and ego gratification before the rights of human lives they conceive, reject, and murder.

Liberty is only possible for women, and men, capable of self-moderating, responsible behavior.

Unfortunately, the consequences of devaluing human life will not be constrained to the women, and men, who reject the prerequisites of liberty.

For some reason, I am not at all surprised that Obama would support negative progress for human and civil rights.

    n.n in reply to n.n. | June 26, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    That said, stay strong Perry, et al. Nothing less than the intrinsic value of human life is at stake. As well as the liberty we have all grown accustomed to enjoy.

    How is it possible to not know and understand that a human life evolves from conception to death? What kind of perverted faith would mislead people to a false conclusion?

After additional consideration, I have discovered an acceptable pro-choice position.

Women do have a choice. Voluntarily accept responsibility for your actions or get spayed.

Men do have a choice. Voluntarily accept responsibility for your actions or get neutered.

Respect the sovereignty of both the mother and child.

Choose love, not war!

    Ragspierre in reply to n.n. | June 26, 2013 at 11:14 pm

    What I’ve always said.

    I am absolutely pro-choice. And every woman (who is not raped) has a train of choices she makes BEFORE she could conceive a child.

    As I would not deprive her of those choices, I would not suspend the consequences of those choices.

    You don’t…in reality…get one without the other.

fulldroolcup | June 26, 2013 at 9:59 pm

You know, the way things are going, and with his track record on abortion, I can imagine Barack Obama moving on from wielding scissors in ceremonial ribbon-cuttings to using them for Planned Parenthood-sponsored ceremonial spinal cord snipping.

Ms. Davis has just lost her next election. Trust me I know. She is my state senator. Texas 10 is a very red district and we don’t like our representatives shilling for infanticide. I can see her opponent’s ads now describing her as being for partial birth abortion. And retire05 was correct in his description of her as looking like a hooker. Although she was unusually covered up last night.

Don’t those protestors know how a baby looks at 20 weeks old? The darn “thing” resembles a human. I guess they all went ape sh*t when they heard a bill said “No!” when it came to choice. What a bunch of melodramatic teenagers.

Juba Doobai! | June 27, 2013 at 12:54 am

Oh yeah! Hell, yeah! Bring it to them Gov. Perry!

A woman’s womb should NEVER be the most dangerous place for a baby to be.

Juba Doobai! | June 27, 2013 at 12:58 am

The irony of Sarah Silverman’s racist comment is that abortion was intended as black genocide by Planned Parenthood. I guess it’s easier to poke at Perry’s past than it is to examine the rationale for PP’s existence.

Doesn’t the legislature have a sergeant at arms? Should not disruptive visitors be expelled?

Especially when forewarned they are coming . . . what is this? Wisconsin?

A hundred Nikita Khrushchev’s pounding their shoes on the table to drown out the rule of law when their version of human liberation is challenged.

If you can’t win the argument change the subject or at least prevent the process from proceeding. The liberals are behaving more and more like Communists every day. If your argument doesn’t hold water, then punch in bigger holes to make everyone slip on the wet floor. That is the state of intellectual dishonesty by liberals. It has come to the point we can no longer agree to disagree when liberals call us bigots when their arguments can’t persuade.

It’s time to turn the tables on liberals and do exactly what they fear the most, WE PLAY BY THEIR RULES AND START ACTING LIKE THEM. I don’t want to hear this crap about being bigger than that, the Republic is at stake, self governance is under threat and so is your freedom of speech.