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Turkish protesters accuse local media of covering up for Erdogan

Turkish protesters accuse local media of covering up for Erdogan

Good thing such media bias in favor of a bullying leader could not happen here.

From BBC:

Demonstrators in Turkey are taking on the media over the protests surrounding Gezi Park.

One of Turkey’s biggest uprisings, the protests began over the government’s plan to build a shopping mall in one of the very few parks in central Istanbul.

After the police intervention, where protestors claim excessive force was used, protests got bigger, and thousands of people clashed with the police.

But the events were initially not covered by the mainstream media, leaving demonstrators to broadcast the story themselves.


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It appears to me that the media in Turkey know what’s good for them and that it to tow the government line or else.

Turkey will probably go the way of Egypt and that’s not good for us or democracy anywhere. Theocracies will not be long lived in this age of technology but will survive long enough to cause a good deal of consternation in the civilized world.

Through it all, we will probably see the mother of all wars…

Good thing that could never happen here.

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