That’s what today’s vote on the Corker amended immigration bill is about.

The Senate bill cannot pass the House, there’s been no public debate and consensus within the Republican Party on the key issues of legalization and citizenship for law-breakers, and most if not all of the Senators have not read the bill.

With each day more and more loopholes and mischief are uncovered.

So why are Republican Senators pushing it? To give Democrats a political baseball bat with which to demagogue Republicans everywhere?

Are the Republican Senators so afraid that they will be called names by Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Barack Obama that they prefer to pass the buck to others hoping to spare themselves?

That will not work.

I agree with the former Marco Rubio, the one whose candidacy was launched with the help of Tea Party bloggers and the Not One Red Cent movement.

The former Marco Rubio saw “earned path to citizenship” for what it was:

This charade and capitulation from cowardice will serve only to tear the Republican Party apart without winning any friends anywhere.

As far as I’m concerned, any Republican Senator who votes for this monstrosity should be a former Senator. Not One Red Cent for them.


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