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Tell it to the judge

Tell it to the judge

From Jeff:

Good Day Professor,

Thought I’d share the sticker from Longmont CO … as seen on MY car. 🙂

Bumper Sticker - Longmont Co - Dissent Is Patriotic


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Only if you’re a democrat or minority who adheres to the approved ideology.

Yea Big Sis ! It’s what we do . For God an Country.

TugboatPhil | June 19, 2013 at 9:10 am

I love it!

We have a lot of leftists, Communists and “artists” around here who still have the Bush-hate stickers all over the back of their cars (35 year old Volvos and Subarus mostly). The ones that are not Bush-specific I’ll mention when I see them getting into their vehicle.

“HEY! You’re right! President Obama IS a War Criminal!!”

“I agree! Obama SHOULD stop getting us into these illegal wars!”

They are completely confused and their eyes begin to dilate more than usual. I think I could get their heads to explode if I hung around long enough.

Oldie, but goodie clip.. So sorry, for the shrill !!

The sticker would be even better with

“Dissent is Patriotic”
– Nancy Pelosi

Then they REALLY couldn’t argue with you. 🙂
Or their heads would just explode.