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SCOTUS and Debt Week at College Insurrection

SCOTUS and Debt Week at College Insurrection

SCOTUS decisions had some college folks talking this week.

Not all of it so nice.

Other issues of the day are also sparking heated debate.

Meanwhile, many are concerned (or should be) with college debt…

…and with what they get for all that debt.


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The students’ ridicule is of particular concern. First, this suggests that they do not comprehend or appreciate the terms and circumstances of reality. Second, this suggests that they are not aware of the unique bigotry demonstrated by homosexual activists and their heterosexual patrons. These people do not support equal protection in equal measure. The latter group is guilty of particularly heinous violations of civil and human rights.

They do not respect individual dignity.

They do not respect an intrinsic value of human life, which implies that the only value they ascribe to a human life is either from what it imparts or the extent to which it can be exploited for personal profit and convenience. Either way, it explains the progressive devaluation of human life throughout its evolution from conception to death.

This report, along with the other reports, is evidence that progressive corruption is processed through our educational institutions, and yet not everyone succumbs. Thank God or Creator for individual dignity and an independent consciousness. Thank the Founders for recognizing these apparently esoteric concepts.

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Teachers’ unions have been educated by the political class to exploit differentials and gradients in order to advance their political, economic, and social standing.

The global cooling/warming, climate disruption/change deception is unpersuasive. They should not have used a global metric. They should not have claimed that “normal” is a single number. Normal may vary by as much as 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Normal is not the recorded average over a few decades. Normal cannot be definitively established through proxies.

The Washington Post does not comprehend or does not appreciate the consequences of artificially ignoring the terms of supply and demand. They do not empathize with students who have been required to labor in order to compensate for the distortion, principally inflation, caused by redistributive change schemes.

Anyway, blow another bubble, or two, or …, and watch it burst.