If you have been following Andrew Branca’s excellent coverage of the jury selection in the George Zimmerman case, you know that many of the prospective jurors were aware of race being injected into the case by the media and others.

Those initial media and activist narratives — such as that Zimmerman suggested to the 911 operator that Martin was suspicious because black or that Zimmerman used the term “coon” to describe Martin — have been completely and thoroughly debunked.  Yet those narratives live on.

It is unlikely that the jurors will hear any of those discredited claims, but almost all of them have heard them outside the courtroom.

Now you can add another bit of irresponsible rhetoric from Benjamin Crump, one of the Martin family’s attorneys.  I previously have documented the irresponsible media conduct by Crump with regard to supposed evidence in the case, From seeking justice to obstructing justice.

Now Crump has done it again, this time claiming that acquittal of Zimmerman may cause future shootings of black youth:

Here’s the full quote from The Root (emphasis added):

TR: Are there broader legal implications to the case that aren’t being discussed?

BC: Yes, absolutely. And it’s troubling. The larger issue is the precedent that a potential acquittal of George Zimmerman would set. It would show how far this country still has to go with respect to offering equal protection under the law regardless of race. If Zimmerman gets off, it will tell other deranged minds and trigger-happy police officers that they can kill black and brown boys with impunity.

It is very clear from this case — and American history in general — that if it had been a black man who had tracked and killed a white child, no defense would be sufficient. That man would be in jail and likely facing the death penalty. George Zimmerman is every parent’s worst nightmare. A self-proclaimed vigilante, on prescription drugs, taunting and tracking a child in the dark.

No, if Zimmerman is acquitted it will mean that the prosecution did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.  That’s the standard to which all prosecutions are held, regardless of the race of the defendant or the victim.

By injecting racial politics into the case, Crump is attempting to deprive Zimmerman of the right to a fair trial.

Having listened to much of the jury voir dire, and having read Andrew Branca’s coverage, I have my doubts whether George Zimmerman can get a fair trial.

Zimmerman’s attorneys will need to do a thorough job continuing to vet potential jurors. As the racial heat likely will be turned up by outside agitators, the Judge was wise to sequester the jury.