I don’t think we’ve ever invited Bob Shrum to the card game.

After reading this, you’ll probably wish I never had.

In mid-May Shrum wrote at The Daily Beast, The Obama Scandals Are Desperate Measures by the GOP (emphasis added):

Conservatives are back at it again because the GOP lacks any coherent program other than cutting taxes for the wealthy. Republicans are deeply divided—between the government-hating Tea Party Torquemadas and an establishment that dreads primary defeat, or in John Boehner’s case, defenestration as speaker; between the isolationists like Rand Paul and the neo-cons and John McCain.

The animating principle of today’s GOP is relentless animus toward the president.

The hard-core base simply rejects his reelection; 49 percent in a Public Policy Poll claim the White House was stolen for Obama last November by groups such as Acorn, Republican-demonized grassroots organization that had disbanded two years earlier. For many on the right, racism is the root of an otherwise inexplicable resistance to the first African-American in the White House. A shrinking rump of older, rural, white America simply can’t abide the country they assumed they would always rule now being in the hands of the “other.”

It’s a reversion to form for Shrum:


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