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Oil field trash never had it so good …

Oil field trash never had it so good …

as in fracking country.

Good thing it’s being kept out of New York State’s Southern Tier, or there might be a booming economy and jobs for the young people.

From Kevin:

I have friends that live in Horseheads who get all apoplectic over the Marcellus Shale drilling
down here in Tioga County, PA (I live in Wellsboro – PA Grand Canyon country), so this shot
was lots of fun with them.

I enjoy the Ithaca bumper sticker photos that you present on your site.

We do have our share of Prius-driving transplant retirees down here in Wellsboro.

Bumper Sticker - Lawrenceville PA - Get Fracking


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be a good guess to say he or she doesn’t shop at Walmart . haha Keyed , cut tires . the Walmart mentality .

There’s some well drilling outfit called ELCO whose logo is Your Hole is Our Goal (The link is to a photo)

I always liked, “Let’s pole up and spud in”.

Now, you can find some trash in the oil field. No more than in the legal field, in my experience.

Let’s try to be discriminating here. There are two kinds of people who drive Priuses. My brothers, for example, are that type. They drive Priuses.

The obnoxious types are the other kind, the people who drive Priuses and make a point of letting you know that they do. It’s like NPR listeners; some listen and some make sure you know they listen.

I don’t know if it’s available on-line, but see if you can find the South Park episode where Kyle’s father convinces everyone in town to by a Toyota Pious and this produces a national smug emergency.

I too live in PA’s Northern Tier a short ride from Wellsboro. Yes, we have our share of Prius driving, tree huggers against fracking. We also have our share of dairy, cattle and hay farmers with new machinery and barns (or who have finally been able to get out from under and retire). The small First Citizens Community Bank has its share of millionaire depositers, too.

As for WalMart parking lots, if the truck pictured here were in the Mansfield WalMart lot (about 15 miles east of Wellsboro) it might be parked next to folks from Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, etc.

A lot of us are enjoying the diversity, high paying jobs and wealth the gas boom has brought to our neck of the woods while it also decreases air pollution by replacing coal fired power plants with natural gas plants.