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Ganging up for the Gang of 8

Ganging up for the Gang of 8

There will be intense pressure on the House Republicans to approve not just an immigration reform bill, but one that includes citizenship for adults who broke the law to come here.

Amnesty is what this debate is all about.

Democrats want it in the worst way, and big business and labor are willing to go along if they get goodies thrown in the bill to help them.

The Open Borders crowd can almost taste it.  As discussed here previously, given the generous family unification provisions and the discretion of Janet Napolitano to waive deportation and removal, the Senate bill will de facto open the borders.

All the money is flowing towards advertising in favor of amnesty, although the marketing focuses on border security because that sells the best.  The frequency of advertisements in favor of the amnesty bill  is worthy of the closing weeks of a presidential campaign.

As The NY Times reports, numerous groups are ganging up to get the House to pass something close to the Gang of 8 bill, and amnesty is the make or break issue.  You could give these groups everything they want, but if no amnesty, no deal.

Varied Alliance to Press House on Immigration Bill:

Even as they were popping corks on Thursday night after a strong bipartisan vote in the Senate to pass an immigration bill, supporters of the overhaul were laying plans for the far more difficult task of moving something similar through the Republican-controlled House….

As a sign of the conservative direction of the debate in the House, its Judiciary Committee recently approved a bill to enforce immigration laws away from the nation’s borders that was much tougher than anything from the Senate. The House has yet to produce a bill that includes a core piece of the Senate legislation: a path to citizenship for 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the country….

Latinos, who showed their strength when they overwhelmingly supported President Obama last November, are a leading force, but are not the only one, supporters said. Business and technology industry groups, labor unions, agricultural growers, farmworkers, law enforcement associations, churches, educators, youth groups and other immigrant organizations are also in the mix.

The diversity gives supporters a variety of pressure points for approaching reluctant House Republicans, said Clarissa Martínez de Castro, an organizer for NCLR, the national Latino organization also known as the National Council of La Raza. A lawmaker who does not have many Latino voters in a district might have vegetable farmers, or labor unions, or a university, or an evangelical Christian megachurch, she said.

Mr. Rodríguez, of the evangelical coalition, said Republicans who voted to block the overhaul could face future costs.

“We were at the edge of the Jordan River, but after the Senate, we officially got our feet wet,” he said. “If 11 million immigrants are left in the middle of the water and do not reach the promised land, neither will the Republican Party reach the promised land of the White House.”

We need to keep the pressure on the House not to give in.  Immigration reform which rationalizes the system to our national needs, yes.  Amnesty for adults who broke the law to come here, no.

Let reform sink on that issue if it must.


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The more the public learns about what is included in the “Gang of Eight’s” bill, the more opposition will grow.

    DaMav in reply to bw222. | June 29, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    Agreed, but the problem is that there is a huge advertising blitz packed with lies designed to confuse people into thinking that the Senate Amnesty bill is tough on border security. Our local Fox talk radio has near constant ads from the Chamber of Commerce using Rubio and Ryan to sell the bill as some kind of conservative breakthrough.
    Add this to the usual media bias describing a “border security surge” and a lot of people will get fooled.

    Just means we have to double down For The Win, like we did on Gun Control!

      retire05 in reply to DaMav. | June 29, 2013 at 6:43 pm

      It is an underreported story (by the MSM, of course) that the Gang of 8 bill had major help in being written. That includes La Raza, Richard Trumka of union fame, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who is currently running ads promoting the Gang of 8 bill.

      Who was not represented in the creation of that bill were Americans and those who invested the effort it took to come here legally.

    The Craprehensive Immigration Bill is riddled with pork, is a terrible bill and it (ironically) really hurts American workers most of all. Working class people who the Democrats claim they are looking out for them.

    Which prompts this Separated at Birth: The Gang of Eight and…?

Do. NOT. Bring. It. Up.

bw222 is correct. But so what? We’re still stuck with Obamacare, aren’t we, and the American people’s opposition to that was fierce. What we think is absolutely irrelevant to the tyrants who rule us.

    Ragspierre in reply to J Motes. | June 29, 2013 at 6:30 pm

    How many times has the Housed voted to kill it?

    It is still important to deal in reality. Even if it is a very unsatisfactory reality.

memomachine | June 29, 2013 at 5:11 pm

What I find curious the lack of acknowledgement of a simple fact; if you deport all of the illegals and require adherence to existing immigration laws then the influence of the “latino vote” is dramatically curtailed. And since Democrats are relying on that for their core constituency wouldn’t that really hurt them?

Related: Sarah Palin floats idea of leaving the Republican Party [VIDEO]

“I love the name of that party — the ‘Freedom Party,’” Palin said. “And if the GOP continues to back away from the planks in our platform, from the principles that built this party of Lincoln and Reagan, then yeah, more and more of us are going to start saying, ‘You know, what’s wrong with being independent,’ kind of with that libertarian streak that much of us have. In other words, we want government to back off and not infringe upon our rights. I think there will be a lot of us who start saying ‘GOP, if you abandon us, we have nowhere else to go except to become more independent and not enlisted in a one or the other private majority parties that rule in our nation, either a Democrat or a Republican.’ Remember these are private parties, and you know, no one forces us to be enlisted in either party.”

I’m ready.

    Granny55 in reply to snopercod. | June 30, 2013 at 10:14 am

    I am not only ready – I am willing and able to ditch the Republican party and let the chips fall where they may. If enough conservatives walk away……. well too bad. They should have listened to us.

” the discretion of Janet Napolitano”

Discretion defined:

Suit and tie, MEN!

Dress and pantyhose WOMEN! Mmmmmmmmmm.

Say Jim..err janet have you met Clarissa Martínez de Castro? Perfect fit no?


I can’t we just invoke some common sense and pass:

1. E-Verify for every employer

2. End of bithright citizenship

3. Secure the border as already provided by law but eliminate the possibility of a bureaucrat suspending such action

4. Review and modify if needed a guest worker program after the border is certified as secured

5. Make our laws at least on a level reciprocity with those of other nations OR treat illegal entry/overstay as a felony

6. Prohibit any form of amnesty for lawbreakers

’nuff said…

Juba Doobai! | June 29, 2013 at 6:31 pm

On the one side is Big Money and Big Noise from the illegals. On the other side is Sarah Palin promising the wrath of the American public.

I’m betting on Palin to step up spearheading the battle leading to a win for us.

The Republican Party is not called the Stupid Party for lack of reason. Perhaps those pushing for amnesty (yes, that is what it is) should take a look at surveys done by Pew Hispanic Center (the left leaning go-to place for all opinions Hispanic).

Illegals are not, I repeat, NOT, interested in citizenship. Why should they be? The goal when they came across the border illegally was to find a job, live as cheaply as possible, sent a good portion of their earnings home and then, someday, return to their native lands and live like gentry. For those who made it, why should they do what it takes to become citizens when the Republicans are willing to give them every benefit available to legalized citizens, except for voting. Even though Hispanics who are eligible to vote continues to increase, that increase lags behind the increase in both the black and the white sectors and in fact, there was a decrease in Hispanic voting in 2012.

Pew reports that of the Mexicans here that are already eligible for citizenship, less than 40% have taken advantage. While the application cost (around $600.00) is manageable, the main obstacle is language. Mexicans, who make up the bulk of illegals, are not willing to learn English, and in some communities, learning English is a sign of disrespect toward their native land.

Another sign of Republicans being the Stupid Party is the fact that even after the first amnesty in 1986, when you would have thought that having a Republican president grant amnesty, they would have voted GOP. Not so. In 1984, Hispanics voted Democrat 66/34. In 1988, the first election after amnesty, that vote increased for Democrats 70/30, a swing of 8%. Hispanics were not impressed that Reagan just made their fellow [illegal] Hispanics legal.

Pew also showed that of all the issues (bigger government, more social welfare, abortion) only on the issue of abortion did Hispanics agree with Republicans and that was not enough to sway their vote toward the GOP as larger government and social welfare benefits were more important.

Passing amnesty for another 11 million illegals will not gain the GOP votes, but it will sure gain votes for the Republicans and will make sure that California will never see another Republican elected and has a strong possibility that Texas will, at the very least, turn purple.

    Well said. If only that old fool John McCain looked at that data. But he knows best for you.

    average josephine in reply to retire05. | June 29, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    “We were at the edge of the Jordan River, but after the Senate, we officially got our feet wet,” he said. “If 11 million immigrants are left in the middle of the water and do not reach the promised land, neither will the Republican Party reach the promised land of the White House.”

    Why is the United States the Promised Land? Isn’t that a little… offensive?

    Why does he hate Mexico so much? I don’t hate Mexico so much. They have the government they want. It’s democratic and everything. Free and fair elections.

    Is he a h8ter? Why does he hate Mexicans?

    Why not stay in Mexico and fight the good fight to right the wrongs of the Mexican system of governance?

    What does America got that Mexico ain’t got? And, why?

    Rule of Law?

Just another unConstitutional power grab by corrupt and well entrenched professional politicians

huskers-for-palin | June 29, 2013 at 7:08 pm

Usual Suspects Use Governor Palin’s 2008 Immigration Quote to Undermine Her Credibility

We’re so screwed.

[…] Jacobson at Legal Insurrection has up a great post today on “Ganging up for the Gang of […]

Henry Hawkins | June 29, 2013 at 8:55 pm

How wonderful the feeling of hoping the GOP House sticks to it core principles and stops any form of amnesty.

Did I say wonderful? Actually, NO… it SUCKS, because a reasonable person would not deny that it is entirely possible the GOP House will cave on amnesty. In fact, I expect them to write a bill that does nothing but bury the amnesty a little deeper in bullshit than did the Senate’s bill and amendments.

I mean, think about that – it is reasonable to expect the GOP to renege *on its core principles*, that if it did so, people would be angry, but few would be surprised. That’s quite an indictment of the exciting new depths to which the GOP establishment has fallen.

The GOP has one foot in the grave as it is. If the House passes this, there will be a third party — the next day. It will be led by Sarah Palin and Mark Levin. I’ll be joining.

[…] would the GOP facilitate this political trojan horse? More on that in a future post. For now, know that this is not the […]

“Now, whenever Congress refuses to act, Joe and I, we’re going to act.” – Obama

So what does it matter what the House does? Three years of open border policy by Executive Ordre (and I mean REALLY open borders) and the next administration won’t be able to stem the tide.

It would appear that we have no immigration laws whatever.
We do have a very workable system, however, it has been abandoned.
And, it also appears that we have no representation.
Now, back in the day, didn’t we form an alliance between the States to protect and defend the States? ( Largely )
The Federal Government?
Somehow, they do not feel like attending to that duty anymore. There is better work out there, like preserving their lifestyle.
If they made a new immigration law, do you suppose they might roll up their sleeves and get back to work?