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The amnesty charade which has taken place in the Senate with the visible advocacy of several Republican Senators — Rubio, McCain, Graham, Corker, Hoeven — and the assistance of 10 other Republican Senators who voted for cloture is just about the last straw.

I’m not going to rehash all the arguments as to why the bill will not accomplish what it says it will do in terms of border security. It is a bill which, as John Cornyn pointed out, puts almost complete control in Janet Napolitano’s hands, chock full of discretion to waive provisions at her whim.

More important, there was no consensus on the ultimate issue of citizenship for adults who broke the law to come here. It’s horrible policy to reward law-breakers and make fools of law-abiders, but that is what is about to happen. We also know from history that no one believes this will be the last amnesty.

There was no consensus within the Republican Party on these issues. The only consensus was among big business interests and frightened Republican politicians.

Heaven forbid Republicans in the Senate had to face their constituents over the summer while the issue was open.

The way these Republicans help force the issue through despite only gaining 1/3 support among Republicans in the Senate was a surrender to Harry Reid.

Could capitulation to left-wing talking points and disregard of the rule of law be any more complete?  Where was the Republican leadership? Mostly silent.

I’d like to put faith in the House, but that’s probably just setting me us for more frustration and disappointment.

Already the push in on by Paul Ryan to parlay off of Senate momentum.

The whole spectacle is sickening.


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Really, I was tempted to give your article a thumbs down; not for your opinion, but for the subject matter. You write beautifully and with clarity. Open borders, let’s let everyone in, while the rest of us pay for it. This bill horrifies and frightens me. Where do we go, if we no longer want to live here? There is NO place like America. None.

Yet another outrageous action on the part those who are supposed to represent the best interests of the nation.

I’ve already written off the Senate and do not have a lot of hope on a wavering House that has weak leadership.

It is clear to me that this administration has no sense of the rule of law that should be the basis for this nation’s structure…

    herm2416 in reply to GrumpyOne. | June 25, 2013 at 8:51 am

    Rule of law? They would not know the rule of law if it reached up and bit them. Shame on every single person who voted for cloture.

Looks like Rubio will either become John McCain, Jr. or he will do a “Reverse Crist” and jump to the Dems to be their first Hispanic presidential candidate.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | June 25, 2013 at 9:12 am

The ruling class definition of REFORM:

Special interests draft 1000+ page bills; a handful of senators know what the legislation is about but flat out lie about it to the public; the remaining 90% of the senators are not given time to fully understand it before they are required to vote; then the government uses its monopoly on coercion to confiscate billions and billions from taxpayers to pay off the special interests who wrote the law; the special interests who get the pay off then use part of their new windfall to finance the politicians next campaign.

That’s exactly how it worked when they “reformed” health insurance with Obamacare, “reformed” banking with Dodd-Frank, and “reformed” the “broken” immigration system Congress created for amnesty.

I don’t see how such a corrupt system can persist. But it does.

    Lina Inverse in reply to MaggotAtBroadAndWall. | June 25, 2013 at 10:09 am

    It persists until, in Maggie Thather’s formulation, they run out of other people’s money. In our current case, people willing to lend money to the Federal Government (for operations, not e.g. projects such as building things or fighting a war) at near zero percent interest rates.

    And/or enough of us get upset to “throw the bums out” and start replacing our ruling class, including the “permanent” bureaucracy (I think the IRS et. al. mess shows us we’re going to have to return to the spoils system among other things).

Looks more and more like we will have to reform the union.

I use the term “reform” advisedly. As in “concede this great experiment is now over, and we need to try the next phase”.

>>”The whole spectacle is sickening.”

It will only get worse. It’s fantasy to think the House won’t yield to the Senate’s tragic momentum on this.


Just a tidbit:
“I was just watching Senator Ted Cruz’s floor speech in opposition to the atrocious immigration bill and took note of a remarkable exchange between Senators Cruz and Chuck Schumer, the New York Democrat and mastermind of the legislation. The short YouTube video is worth your time (Schumer interrupts about a minute in). Cruz pointed out that the hefy 1,200-page Corker-Hoeven Amendment was dropped like a stealth bomb late Friday with supporters now pushing for an immediate vote when it is perfectly obvious that no one could possibly have read, studied and analyzed the proposal. As if it were a defense, Schumer insisted that of the 1,200 pages “only” 100 pages are new, and that certainly a senator should be able to read “only” 100 pages of “important legislation” over a weekend.”

Lady Penguin | June 25, 2013 at 10:17 am

Rule of Law. As far as I can tell what might have once just been politics as usual has crossed the line big time into total corruption, but worse, the Lefty anti-Americans have control of the country. There has been no Rule of Law since Holder stood out there and talked about “my people and said they wouldn’t prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation. When the SC can interpret a law as a tax, and then tells the voters they should vote out people who make “bad law” which allows the takeover of a country…it seems that there are no protections left for the people.

Conservatives have been taken in by the establishment GOP. They made such a big deal out of loss of a couple of Senate seats in 2012, but now I believe we’d have been just as well off with 35 seats as we are 43 seats. The GOP is hand in hand with the Dems, so really, what difference does it make?

Immigration reform before control ensures that civil rights violations will be progressive and enforced by “law”. It also ensures that the causes of mass immigration will never be addressed.

“I think it’s the institution of Congress that is so void of leadership and principle,” the Oklahoma senator explained. “Everything’s measured in a political spectrum rather than in a policy spectrum.”

Tru dat.

Henry Hawkins | June 25, 2013 at 11:33 am

Congress could redeem itself in my eyes if it turned into one of those 3rd world bodies that engages in full-scale donneybrooks right there on the chamber floor. Punching and kicking, cracking each others’ skulls with busted table legs, and we might even issue box knives at the beginning of each session. That would be awesome. That I could get behind. Imagine… CSPAN would become the #1 cable channel, plus we wouldn’t need term limits – battle injuries would take care of that.

I definitely won’t be voting for Sen. Richard Burr in 2014. He is one of the 16 senate republicans pushing this thing.

…Oh, and this is a perfect example why we need to repeal the first paragraph of the 17th Amendment and go back to letting the state legislatures choose U.S. senators the way the Founders intended.

    Fabi in reply to snopercod. | June 25, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    Still proud to have voted for Jeff Sessions on several occasions. Not sure I’d trust the MCs with that decision, but I understand the constitutional argument. Similarly, it would be fun to have that Romney fellow as BHO’s veep.

This is the biggest news of the Obama second term because of the potential implications of dramatically and irreversibly transforming American society. I have little confidence in the House voting down this bill.

“Frustrating?” More like “treason.”