The amnesty charade which has taken place in the Senate with the visible advocacy of several Republican Senators — Rubio, McCain, Graham, Corker, Hoeven — and the assistance of 10 other Republican Senators who voted for cloture is just about the last straw.

I’m not going to rehash all the arguments as to why the bill will not accomplish what it says it will do in terms of border security. It is a bill which, as John Cornyn pointed out, puts almost complete control in Janet Napolitano’s hands, chock full of discretion to waive provisions at her whim.

More important, there was no consensus on the ultimate issue of citizenship for adults who broke the law to come here. It’s horrible policy to reward law-breakers and make fools of law-abiders, but that is what is about to happen. We also know from history that no one believes this will be the last amnesty.

There was no consensus within the Republican Party on these issues. The only consensus was among big business interests and frightened Republican politicians.

Heaven forbid Republicans in the Senate had to face their constituents over the summer while the issue was open.

The way these Republicans help force the issue through despite only gaining 1/3 support among Republicans in the Senate was a surrender to Harry Reid.

Could capitulation to left-wing talking points and disregard of the rule of law be any more complete?  Where was the Republican leadership? Mostly silent.

I’d like to put faith in the House, but that’s probably just setting me us for more frustration and disappointment.

Already the push in on by Paul Ryan to parlay off of Senate momentum.

The whole spectacle is sickening.