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Extremist ideas too “political” for 501(c)(4) status

Extremist ideas too “political” for 501(c)(4) status

From Linda, spotted in Manchester, TN, near the forum at which government officials were speaking as to whether criticism of Islam could be a civil rights violation and the free speech counter-protest over the attempt to criminalize speech and shut down political discourse.

Because the photo was at night and the car’s rear lights were on the photo is not clear, but I think it’s legible:

Bumper Sticker - Manchester TN - Freedom and Liberty


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to the full extent allowed by law.


At this point the US Constitution is a barrier to the UN directed plans, post-2015, for us. Need to appoint judges who will reinterpret the language based on the supposed “needs” of today. And international law and treaties. Ratified or not.

The recognition that virtually every foundation funded or federally funded plan for education or the future economy was, once you get to the details, grounded in Marx’s theory of human development that I assumed was as broken as the Berlin Wall was news to me. So I went back and started pulling the older books being cited and going through what was really envisioned.

If our executive branch now defers to the agenda of the UN as it seems to, we are going to get both the Marxist Humanist vision of forced equity and the Alliance of Civilizations agenda as well. That’s a combo that strips us of our rational minds, our prosperity, and finally subjugates us to something along the lines of Erdogan’s vision given how he was treated at the AOC conference in Vienna a few months ago.

With his own people so upset the football rival teams have come together to defy him.

What fascinating, chilling times.

Juba Doobai! | June 5, 2013 at 8:17 am

“[G]overnment officials were speaking as to whether criticism of Islam could be a civil rights violation.”


Are we now an Islamic theocracy?!?

Doug Wright | June 5, 2013 at 11:35 am

As to the bumper sticker, so clearly stated, even in the dimmest of lights: Hear, Hear!

As for the rest: If the UN truly means to accomplish what is stated, and as Obama does truly mean to “Radically Transform” our country, then the darkness of that imposed authoritarian night would be overcome by the light from many bonfires made by destroying copies of the “Affordable Care Act” and other such Marxist drivel, such as Dodd Frank. Then night would be turned back into day.

I want that bumper sticker.
I will add the line right below.