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Environmental Activists Steer Clear on Regulations as Obama Wages War on Coal

Environmental Activists Steer Clear on Regulations as Obama Wages War on Coal

If you’re an environmentalist who supports Obama, you’d better make sure you got the memo on climate change.  A group of climate leaders has issued talking points to pro-Obama activists and organizers on climate change, urging them to stay away from economic arguments and talk of regulation. (Apparently, they need their own teleprompter).

From the National Journal:

A talking points memo sent Monday night ahead of President Obama’s speech Tuesday on climate change tells Obama supporters to downplay economic arguments and words like “regulations.”

The memo, obtained by National Journal, includes a “do’s and don’t’s” list of phrases to use (and not use) when advocating for action on climate change. “Do discuss modernizing and retooling power plants and innovation that will create green jobs…Don’t try to suggest net job increases,” reads one part of the memo.

Ken Berlin, chair of the Energy & Environment Team, a group of national, state and local energy and climate leaders, distributed the memo to his group of about 1,300 people who have organized around these issues for the Obama campaign.

Berlin said the memo was written by the Climate Action Coalition, a new coalition of most major environmental groups. He added the umbrella group is coordinated in part by Kevin Curtis, who is also affiliated with The Climate Reality Project, an advocacy group founded by environmentalist and former Vice President Al Gore. A call to Curtis was not immediately returned.

More from the 14-page memo’s “do’s and don’t’s” list: “Do inform audiences about the nature of the problem, who is at fault, and what can be done…Don’t debate the increase in electricity rates. Instead pivot to health & clean air message.” Another one says: “Do use ‘cutting carbon pollution from power plants’…Don’t use ‘regulations to control greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.’ ”

In his speech today, Obama focused heavily on coal as a major cause of pollution affecting the climate and pledged to follow through with executive actions rather than rely upon Congress.

From CNN:

President Barack Obama unveiled an aggressive new climate change strategy on Tuesday that would limit pollution from existing coal-fired power plants, and he made clear that approval of the Keystone XL pipeline depended on the project not increasing overall greenhouse gas emissions.

Obama raised the two politically charged issues during a sweeping address on second-term environmental priorities that included his plan of executive actions that don’t require congressional approval in an era of partisan gridlock in Washington.

He also pledged global leadership on climate change and to redouble U.S. efforts to fight it.

The Georgetown University speech came as environmental constituents and climate change advocates press him to take more aggressive action and to push harder for clean energy alternatives.



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Moronic, jobs will be lost and energy costs increase, what a guy.

The observation in Colorado when the whacky-leftist were going hog-wild on gun control was that it isn’t about guns, it is about control. Same thing here. It isn’t about the climate, which shows signs of cooling after 16 years of no warming. This is just an instrument to further cripple the economy. Similar to other 0bama/leftist instruments it is blunt and heavy.

Mayor Bloomberg was criticized for having his limo idling to keep the air-conditioning running. He relented. Instead they had stands with window air-conditioners with extension cords. The air-conditioners ran while the vehicle was waiting for hizzoner. How many kilowatts are used to light Al Gore’s house? Conservation for thee, but not for me.

And we can’t even get all of our Senators to try and preserve the Republican Party.

“He also pledged global leadership on climate change and to redouble U.S. efforts to fight it.”

Just before boarding his small armada of aircraft heading for Africa, carrying a fleet of vehicles.

Nobody believes this Gorebal Warmongering. Certainly not Pre. Snoop-Dog.

Does this mean I need to keep on stockpiling my incandescent light bulbs?

chilipalmer | June 25, 2013 at 8:58 pm

Thanks for addressing this topic. CO2 danger is the greatest fraud against humanity in history, but the GOP loves it as much as Obama does. I believe we should file a class action suit against the GOP or the federal government for a crime against humanity, for perpetrating a fraud. All scientists agree there has been no warming for 15+ years. They also agree CO2 has gone up, proving CO2 and temps don’t rise together. Peer reviewed science says CO2 lags temps. So it’s over with, dead. Even if it were true, the US leads the world in CO2 reduction as China’s skyrockets. So what’s being done to us now is nothing but hate, and the GOP is fine with it. In fact, the Repubs. started this via G. Bush #1 in 1990 mandating that US taxpayers must pay to solve climate change in perpetuity. 13 fed. agencies are tasked with climate endeavors. G. Bush signed the US to the UNFCCC agreement in 1992 in Rio. Billions in no-strings US taxpayer dollars are sent around the world yearly in the name of climate. Obama in 2012 took $18.5 billion out of the economy in CO2 regulations to further punish lower and middle class Americans and enrich millionaires and billionaires. Obama isn’t the problem. The problem is the GOP has gone along with this scam for decades. Congress is a non-issue because damage can all be done via regulation.

Obama is behind the times – as many European countries move away from so called renewables; they are extremely expensive, not cost effective, and don’t deliver any change to the world’s climate. What a brilliant man. Not.

The oil from Canada is going to get moved and it’s going to get burned with or without the XL pipeline. There will either be a pipeline west or caravans of railroad cars or tanker trucks, but however it gets moved it will get moved. And when it reaches its final destination, it will get burned.

The safest and most environmentally sound means of transportaion is via pipeline. To pass on the finishing (yes, finishing) of the XL pipeline so it reaches the refineries on the gulf will cost the USA jobs both in the construction phase and in the refineries.

And the burned oil will probably produce more “global carbon” than it would if it had been handled here in the US.

But this administration and it’s followers just don’t care.

My ass.

It’s “fascism.”

Another faux rant from the ranter-in-chief signifying next to nothing. Consider the following…

• No substantial rise in world temperatures since 1998

• Increasing sea ice rather a decline

• CO2 established as a lagging indicator as oppose to leading

Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) admits to the above though belatedly.

’nuff said…

If these spunk monkeys are that concerned why don’t they just go ahead and make that ultimate late term abortion? For mother gaia, the children, the lemmings. . . .

Henry Hawkins | June 26, 2013 at 10:11 am

RE: GW hypothesis….. The hypothesis is falsifiable, therefore scientific. As promoted, GW hypothesis relies on computer models built from metadata analysis. Of those myriad models, 98% have been falsified. 2% predict or allow for periods of no-warming plateaus as long as the current 15 years. In another year or two, assuming the current flat line continues, the GW hypothesis, as proposed, will be properly and scientifically falsified.

The AGWists may then move on to the serious problem of the growing weight from overpopulation collapsing the hollow earth.

    Henry Hawkins in reply to Henry Hawkins. | June 26, 2013 at 10:12 am

    To be clear, no current GW models allow for no-warming plateaus longer than 15 years.

    objective in reply to Henry Hawkins. | June 26, 2013 at 11:38 am

    “Of those myriad models, 98% have been falsified.” Wild statements like this, backed up by nothing more then strong feelings, do not help the conservative cause. Facts please.

      Henry Hawkins in reply to objective. | June 26, 2013 at 12:31 pm

      I am indifferent to your choice to remain ignorant on this and accept zero responsibility for educating you. Do your own research.

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