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Dinner in Turkey may give you gas and you’ll get hosed

Dinner in Turkey may give you gas and you’ll get hosed

We covered the continuing protests in Turkey yesterday, Protests in Turkey reignite after relatively quiet week.

Not so sure I want to visit right now.

I hear that dinner in Istanbul may give you gas:

At least it’s better than Ankara, where you’ll get hosed:


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Well looks as though they were either gassed or subjected to one of Obama’s speeches during dinner.

Farts are definitive proof that our God loves us and has a sense of humor.

BannedbytheGuardian | June 23, 2013 at 7:51 pm

The tweet says pepper gas. However the pics are nothing like an a capsicum spray attack .

The effects are immediately on the eyes causing such pain that one has to close them hence temporary blindness. It is almost always a close contact repellant – maybe clearing the immediate area depending on the canister volume . I do not see the police rushing in the door but I do see a rather nonchalant lady in the hallway.

Even if secondary effects – that is some has wafted up from the street – the pic is just so wrong.

But the dinner does look nice .