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Branco Cartoon – Cruz Control

Branco Cartoon – Cruz Control

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Crisis IRS 590 LI


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.



Great cartoon. Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is looking pretty good at the moment, isn’t it?

I’m agin a flat tax scheme, as it leaves in place the travesty of the 16th Amendment, and will retain many…and eventually most…of the nonsense in our current code (i.e., it is STILL an “income tax”, so what is income?).

A simple end-purchase consumption tax is WAY better. WITH repeal of the 16th.

And, yes. NOW!

I’d like to see an illegal immigrant import tax of 50% of every dollar they earn. The other half would pay for their way home or a place in line.

Cruz suggested a post card sized tax form, with a line for charitable deductions. Strike that line. This whole controversy is over tax-deductible status. Deduct home mortgage interest on primary residence, yes. Charities need to live on non-deductible donations.

We have created an industry of charitable groups with employees growing rich at the tax-free group, while the target group is not getting the full benefit of the donations. Catholic charity groups have over 90% of donations going to the cause. The Salvation Army does a good job of funneling donations to the needy. Both of those groups have “paid” volunteers who have dedicated their lives to their religious beliefs. Many others, not so much. People will donate because they see a need, not to manipulate the tax system.

Hellfire. Donating to the alumni association at your favorite college so you can get prime seats at football games is a charitable donation. What a crock!

Yesterday I found a little-known proposal for a Neutral Tax, which would eliminate personal federal income taxes, allow us to close down the IRS, and let us repeal the 16th Amendment. It sounds like a fabulous yet practical plan, and I would like to know what LI’s readers think of it. Here are three posts I found yesterday:
pull quote: The Neutral Tax would do away with the concept of the federal government taxing individuals at all. It would end the social engineering in the tax code, it would do away with the lobbying and loopholes, and it would eliminate class warfare at the federal level. All that would be gone from Washington politics.
Instead, the federal government would tax the states and local governments.
The Neutral Tax would be a flat tax on the gross revenues of those governments. How they generate the revenue to pay the Neutral Tax is entirely up to them.

The Neutral Tax has its own website at the following link:
I have not studied this site yet, and all I know is what I found in the first three links listed above. But so far, I like what I see!

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