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Start small

Start small

It’s important that we are everywhere, even if Jersey City and even if only a small group.

From Rob:

Dear Prof. Jacobson:

I hope that all goes well. Our protest at the Jersey City, NJ IRS HQ had a pretty modest turnout, and none of us brought signs, but one of us had a cool truck, and at least we showed the flag(s in this case).

Plus we exchanged names and e-mail address, so there’s hope for the future 🙂 .

Anyhow, photo attached in case you’re doing a gallery…

Thanks and best regards

Tea Party IRS Protest Jersey City


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to the full extent allowed by law.



Keep up the great work, gentlemen OH and I’m sure, gentlewomen.

Upon closer look, the ‘corpulent’ fellow across the street, is NOT the ‘Portly Prince of Jersey’, spying on you. you know, just in case Barry called and indicated that HIS irs was rather busy now, so keep a lookout, Chris!

Keep up the good work. Love that car!

From this beginning I am sure greater things will come. All of your passion and courage to do this will pay off.
Please carry on!

There is a lot more dissent than most realize but to be effective, it has to join the collective!

The Tea Party hierarchy needs to reach out to working/taxpaying Americans everywhere and they have to present candidates that the “silent” majority can support.

We are everywhere and most of us don’t like what’s going on with big government, scandals and outright sedition…