Obama’s EPA Chief Lisa Jackson, Apple’s newly announced head of environmental policy, is exemplifying “sustainable career moves” after completely recycling her career from private sector to government appointment and back.

Jackson, appointed by the President in 2009, had worked for two years in the private sector before embarking on a series of career stops in green government roles.

While at Apple, Jackson will be tasked with delivering on the company’s renewable energy directive, “we won’t stop working until we achieve 100 percent throughout Apple.” That’s 100 percent renewable energy. A lousy goal for shareholders if ever there were one.

Jackson’s tenure at the EPA was marred by an odd incident where she was found to have been using a fake email address with a man’s name, “Richard Windsor,” to conduct business. Some suggested that the alias may have been an attempt to “dodge congressional oversight and public records laws.”

The incident seems to contradict her EPA bio, which states that her goal was “unparalleled transparency” and “renew public trust in EPA’s work.”

Nowhere is that connection between business and government cozier than in the manufactured “green” job title department. In fact, the Religion of Green is more a cloak for government-business collusion than for any lofty goals.

If we are to take anything from Jackson’s career recycling story it is that a shortcut to corporate prestige is best found through the halls of government.