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Out with the old Republicans, in with the new Republicans (Peter King / Ted Cruz)

Out with the old Republicans, in with the new Republicans (Peter King / Ted Cruz)

I want to confess something to you.

I have a deep fear that with this post I have started yet another “series,” since I previously wrote Out with the old Republicans, in with the new Republicans (John McCain / Ted Cruz).

Via Buzzfeed, Peter King Won’t Attend Republican Dinner Headlined By Ted Cruz:

New York Republican Peter King is boycotting a state party dinner tomorrow night featuring Sen. Ted Cruz over the Texas conservative’s efforts to defeat a Hurricane Sandy bill earlier this year.

“I don’t think we should be acknowledging people who are voting against us in our hour of need,” King told BuzzFeed of his decision to not attend the dinner.

King has loudly criticized Republicans like Cruz who come to New York to raise money but voted against the Hurricane Sandy bill, and has urged other Republicans to freeze out opponents to the relief bill.

“Once I found it was him,” King explained, “I decided not to go. I don’t know if I would have gone or not because of scheduling things, but that made it easy once I found out it was Ted Cruz.”

The New York Republican State Committee dinner invitation prominently notes that Cruz is “appearing at this event only as a featured guest. Senator Ted Cruz is not asking for funds or donations.” …

Cox defended Cruz’s appearance at the dinner, arguing the senator supported aid for Sandy victims but that Senate Democrats had filled the bill with “pork,” and that’s why he had voted against it.

“Ted Cruz made it absolutely clear he was all for Sandy aid but he was against the pork which was stuffed in there by the Democrats, and that’s what he was voting against,” Cox said. “This is very much going to be about growth and opportunity, showing the diversity that is the Republican Party here in New York State.”

UPDATE: A high ranking New York Republican complained to BuzzFeed that King’s criticism of the dinner was “grandstanding.”

“What Pete King is doing is grandstanding for the media. To call what Pete King is doing is a boycott sort of misses the point,” the Republican said. “Pete King does nothing to help other Republicans in New York State other than Pete King. He hasn’t been to a state dinner in anyone’s recent memory.”


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Is it really wrong to be RINOphobic?

Peter King has a history of supporting big government crap. Not surprising to hear this. Ted Cruz needs to get some disciples together and have them run against these big government Republicans. I hope Rand Paul does the same as well as Mike Lee. Someone needs to counter teh stoopid from Marco Rubio, et all.

King is just upset that Cruz called the Sandy legislation for what it was, excess pork!

What this country needs quickly is a return to hard basics beginning with balanced budgets and an end to political correctness.

Give ’em hell Ted…

This fight is happening all over the country. Old-line Republicans are seeing even their comfortable minority position slipping away from them as new activists and Republican firebrands step up and really ignite the base.

But the truth is, we have to find the right Republican for each district, just as we must have the right key to open each lock. In order to put together a majority coalition, the Peter Kings of the world have to tolerate the Cruzes, and vice-versa.

I am a huge fan of Ted Cruz. I’ll be working for him or Rand Paul in 2016 depending on whether Ted runs (Rand is definitely running). But the Peter King wing of the party is absolutely necessary for our real conservatives to have any away in national politics.

That said, this is a shitweasel move for King. You can’t win for long running against your own party, no matter who you are. McCain possibly excluded…

Doug Wright | May 28, 2013 at 11:07 pm

Ah yes, character is the question? What is it indeed?

When pork was outlawed in the ancient dietary laws, did anyone consider adding that prohibition against adding it to political diets? Thought not!

So, Rep. King is against those who are against pork, what does that make him? Certainly he isn’t righteous now is he?

OTOH: Rep. King is a visible soul and one to make much of his disdain against those who fight him. Maybe he should become truthful and declare where he really stands?

November 2014, will be time to clean “House”. Fight these incumbents in the primaries wherever they may be. It’s time to end career politicians once and for all.

Juba Doobai! | May 29, 2013 at 2:12 am

Ah, good old Peter King, doing the job that Democrats can’t do … and sucking at it,

chilipalmer | May 29, 2013 at 5:20 am

The only reason anyone’s talking about Pete King is because he linked his name with Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz has accomplished more at the age of 42 than Pete could ever dream of. As far as the NY State GOP, they exist only to make sure we don’t get the candidates we need. It’s nice they’re having Ted for dinner though. I don’t agree with commenter above that we need people like Pete King in office, ie people who pretend to be Republicans. The reason we lost in 2008 and 2012 wasn’t because of democrats, it was because of establishment Republicans. They had no intention of winning, are only set up to beat conservative Republicans. They need democrats to be in charge because it silences us, and that’s all the GOP cares about. They love ObamaCare, love Obama, and can’t stand us.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to chilipalmer. | May 29, 2013 at 6:37 am

    We lost because of VOTER AND ELECTION FRAUD #$%^&*@! – Chicago Political Tactics:


    Many are not legal citizens.

    Many are dead.

    MANY do not exist, have never existed, BUT THEY VOTE.

    Obama knows over a dozen ways to cheat in elections.

    THE IRS SCANDAL was essentially election fraud and oppression of opposition party.

    This administration has practiced brazen corruption, cronyism and punitive partisanship from its beginning.

    I don’t disagree. Many Old-type Republicans would rather have control of a minority party than the second chair in a majority party run by conservatives.

    Those folks are getting old, even here in Massachusetts. I only pray we can turn the party, and the country, to the right before it’s too late.

Uncle Samuel | May 29, 2013 at 6:31 am

Pork, Perks, Paychecks, Power, Prestige, Political agendas and deals and Partisanship – this is what Politicians value, not the good of our country, our economy, people, children, health, truth.

King can go home or to the Democrats, (along with Boehner, Christie, McCain, Graham, et al) if he doesn’t like Cruz and the Tea Party.

This country is in a mess. We need Statesmen, not Politicians.

I want Ted Cruz for president.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | May 29, 2013 at 8:35 am

King sits in one of the few truly toss up districts remaining in the country. Even as a long term incumbent, he’s probably somewhat vulnerable.

I think the update pretty much sums it up. He’s doing what he thinks is right for Peter King’s next re-election. We can thank Chris Christie for showing him how to punch back at his own party and improve his approval ratings.

Midwest Rhino | May 29, 2013 at 9:10 am

Most offensive to me were comments from RINO’s and Dem’s that they better get their pork, or don’t come to them when it’s time for those big money donations from the big players in NYC and the East. And then they pull the Obama straw man trick of labeling those that fought their pork pulling scam as racist or haters. But they got their $51B to grease the Big Gov Mob wheels.

Part of why there is so much power centralized around NYC, is so much of the rest of the country invests the fruit of their labor through Wall Street and firms HQ’ed in that region. And the big banks (and investment “banks”) that caused the problems got full support and bailouts, while solid banks around the country often got bought up by the bad, with TARP money even.

I try to invest my few pennies locally, but have to consider whether I should leave Boston based Fidelity. AFAIK, they are rather conservative and safe, as brokerage houses go … and aren’t doing much (if any) “proprietary trading”, the kind of thing that sunk Corzine and MF Global. They have twice as much in “assets under management” as Goldman Sachs, but don’t have 100 former employees running in and out of the White House.

Maybe Fidelity needs to leave Boston like Colt left Connecticut. At least move a large division to a conservative state. Geography matters. 🙂