The infographic below, the National Dialogue Monitor by TargetPoint Consulting May 15-16, 2013, was provided to me by former Legal Insurrection contributor Matthew Knee, who now works at TargetPoint.

It shows Obama’s really bad two media days:

Each bubble represents a topic discussed in relation to President Obama from May 15-16, 2013, sized by volume and shaded according to average sentiment. This incorporates mentions gathered across all media channels, including news media, social media, Twitter, and general websites (including the blogosphere). The greener the bubble, the more positive the issue; the redder the bubble, the more negative.

Scandals and other negative stories have dominated the news, tearing into Obama’s information flow across the
board and bleeding into areas that are usually considered positive for the President.

ObamaWatch -- TargetPoint National Dialogue Monitor May 15 and 16 2013 - snippet

Click on “Full Screen” below to enlarge and for full infographic:

ObamaWatch — TargetPoint Consulting National Dialogue Monitor May 15 and 16 2013