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(not hoping for it, just noticing)

(not hoping for it, just noticing)

What does it take to get the IRS’s attention?

(Do you really want to know?)


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Please take a minute to watch this testimony and tell I am not crazy. Kevin Brady talks about a woman who started a Tea Party and applies for tax exemption. She then is harrased by four, maybe more different agencies. Who is telling the other agencies and why is this not a bigger scandal than it seems? Am I nuts or is this just being overlooked?

heh, did you see the “Conservative IRS Audit Target Merit Badge” to which I was replying? It’s pretty snazzy. 😉

I’ve been patriotic in that I’ve been audited twice in my 65 years. How happy am I? I hired a tax attorney on the last audit and as time went on the IRS started what I call the price is right game as they offered me several lower settlement offers as court time was ticking down. I paid the attorney over $1k and he was wanting more as time went on. How do you win? You don’t either way but I wasn’t giving tax man any more than necessary.

Uncle Samuel | May 18, 2013 at 8:47 am

A helpful summary of Obama’s IRS Crimes:

This is Obama’s administration and he alone is responsible for the policies therein, from Benghazi to the IRS.

So far he has used his power and every agency under his command and over 1000 executive orders to persecute, prosecute, loot and destroy and grab unprecedented and unconstitutional powers for himself.

He rules by intimidation and threat…of unleashing his lawless thugs such as those who beat up the elderly man in Jacksonville, the family in Louisiana and committed thousands more brutal racial hate-based acts all over this country…while the media have been silent.