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Movie Week at College Insurrection

Movie Week at College Insurrection

The first College Insurrection listicle:


Remember that “everyone should go to college” thing? Never mind:

Et tu?


Speaks for itself:

I blame Bush:

And (no, I’m not going there):

The usual nutty Prof. stuff:


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How does Love Story not make the top 10 college films? It is after all about al gore. He said so himself right after he invented the internets.

As for the LSD story. It is true for any drug that you think about what you’re doing before consuming. Contrary to what the DEA and Pharma will tell you different folks do not react the same to a given drug. Dosage and the purity/quality also contribute to a persons reaction. For some people LSD lets the little monsters out of the closet.

At one time LSD was used in psychiatric treatment with one of the more famous prescribees being Cary Grant.