Pretty much the only mention we made about the Massachusetts Senate special election to fill the seat vacated by John Kerry was a spotlight on February 12 about Gabriel Gomez, The Great Republican Hope (in Massachusetts)?

Gomez won the primary yesterday pretty handily, and will face off against Ed Markey, who has been a Congressman forever.  The NY Times sets up the contrast:

The Senate race offers voters a choice between Mr. Markey’s decades of experience in Washington — he was first elected to Congress in 1976 — and Mr. Gomez’s compelling life story. The son of Colombian immigrants, he became a Navy pilot and a member of the SEALs, attended Harvard Business School and is now a private equity investor.

Gomez is pretty liberal by Republican standards, and as we know, trying to out-liberal real-liberals is a losing strategy for Republicans in Massachusetts.  Better to set up a sharp contrast and hope for the best.

Gomez has a narrative and money for the campaign.  Markey has the same hack voters who pulled the lever for Elizabeth Warren.  Advantage Markey.

This Boston Herald article makes a best case scenario for Gomez, Gomez victory would send jitters to Dems.  Hope springs eternal.

National Journal lists 5 Things You Need to Know About Gabriel Gomez.

Markey has The Boston Globe on his side.  A Globe profile of Gomez predictably nitpicked every aspect of his biography, disputing even details as to the percentage of trainees who pass the Navy SEAL endurance tests; Gomez said 20%, The Globe corrected him by suggesting it was 25-30%.

That’s the level of scrutiny you get from The Globe when you are a Republican.  When you are a Democrat, The Globe has to be dragged kicking and screaming even to cover a major scandal involving false claims of Native American heritage used in an attempt to gain professional advantage.

The Globe ran this photo of Gomez — which would help Gomez in most places in the country, but not in Massachusetts, unless the Marathon bombings changed things:

Boston Globe Gomez photo

Just about every conservative pundit I have seen comment about the race on Twitter has written it off.

Will Legal Insurrection get involved in covering this race and researching Markey’s many known faults?

I don’t know.  We’re always long on ideas and short on time.