Since the rise of the Tea Party movement in the spring of 2009, the movement has been the target of Democratic politicians and supportive media.

The Tea Party was called un-American and terrorists for showing up at health care town halls and voicing an opinion.

The Department of Homeland security warned of dangers from groups advocating smaller government, and that was taken by organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center to justify a politicized attempt to term the Tea Party movement a threat.

The Tea Party movement was called racist without basis, often based on false and misleading videos put out by groups like Think Progress, and even as non-white leaders in the Republican Party rose from and with the support of the Tea Party movement.

MSNBC and particularly Chris Matthews have devoted endless hours to inventing “dog whistles” supposedly blown by the Tea Party movement.

With every violent act in the news, the media search began for a Tea Party connection to confirm the now-failed “eliminationist narrative.”  Sometimes the connection was invented out of thin air, and then amplified by the media, as in the cases of the Gabby Giffords and Aurora movie theater shootings.

There has been an unrelenting assault on the Tea Party movement by Democrats and the media.  Sometimes establishment Republicans piled on, but they were the tail on the Tea Party-hating Democratic-media dog.

Is it any wonder that “low level” IRS employees took it on themselves to target Tea Party-related groups?  And is it any wonder that senior level officials knew about it?

This didn’t happen in a vacuum.  This abuse of the Tea Party movement by the IRS was three years in the making.

Those IRS employees simply reaped the hatred of the Tea Party sown by Democrats and the media.


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