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IRS Hearings Live

IRS Hearings Live

[Hearing now adjourned.]

Start at 9 a.m. Eastern. You can view it on CSPAN-2.

[live video and Twitter fees removed]

Congressman Roskam (IL-06) did a particularly good job:

(background on tweet above here)


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From Jonathan H. Adler at Volokh:

Not only is the IRS not an “independent” agency, but it appears
that the substantial bonuses received by the head of the IRS tax-exempt division when the targeting of conservative groups occurred would have been approved by the White House because they exceeded $25,000.

[…] the dirty hands of the IRS from control of the health care of Americans. Today there are public live hearings by the prestigious House Ways and Means Committee. The eyes of Americans who respect the rule of law will be on the House Ways and Means Committee […]

well so far …. its seems to be Bush’s fault … * GRIN *

Uncle Samuel | May 17, 2013 at 10:18 am

First Obama used the EPA to hurt and harrass Gibson Guitars, the conservative competitor of a donor.

Then he used the IRS to suppress free speech and influence a US election.

Obviously, he will not hesitate to use Obamacare to intimidate, punish and possibly eliminate those who dissent from his ideology.

Obamacare will force doctors to perform abortions, sex-change surgery and euthanasia.

Obamacare will put expensive sex-change and STD treatments ahead of cancer treatments for conservatives and retirees.

Obamacare will dictate to doctors and hospitals according to their logorithms which as we know, may be based on race, ‘orientation’ ‘gender’ and party affiliation.

Next will be forced abortions, sterilizations, assisted suicide according to ‘planned sustainability’ and ‘population control.’ This abortion-loving, fetal stem cell loving administration isn’t that far away from Soylent Green.

I just dropped by your site and wouldn’t you know, the first thing I see is your latest post re today’s IRS hearings and a tweet that says –

IRS IG George: #IRS targeting of conservative groups began in early 2010, DC officials became aware in June 2011
— Jessica Taylor (@JessicaTaylor) May 17, 2013

That is an outright LIE.

I happened by Breitbart earlier this morning and came upon an article detailing the demands made by the IRS on True The Vote –

It is complete with a digital copy of one of the emails they received from the IRS. You can download it from the above link yourself.

On the last page of that file you will see a notation that says –

Letter 2382 (5-2011) with Catalog Number 578297 underneath.

This is no off-the-cuff letter ginned up by some rogue employee in the Cincinnati IRS office – this is a duly approved and numbered publication of the IRS, last modified in May of 2011. Reorders may be had by referring to the Government Printing Office Catalog Number. BTW, this system is well known to anyone who has ever worked for the feds.

So, this letter has been in use for at least two years and it went through a lengthy and minute generation and approval process before that, one that might even have included legal counsel regarding the contents.

Uncle Samuel | May 17, 2013 at 10:40 am

Do we really think they will tell the truth during this investigation when it wasn’t told in the Benghazi investigation?

“The Nine Lies of Lois Lerner” (so far)

Lying seems to be the norm for both parties in the District of Corruption.

While we are distracted by Benghazi, the IRS and AP scandals, the denizens of the House have been working on an Immigration compromise bill – one that will no doubt compromise the enforcement of immigration law, national and border security and economic stability.

“It was inccorect but not untruthful.” — Miller

Dan Rather .. call your office

rabid wombat | May 17, 2013 at 10:59 am

I will guess that the IRS has process and procedures. I will also guess that they have internal (and possibly external audits) to determine compliance and effectiveness. All levels of management are charged to maintain this. As in the military – management should be responsible for all the good and bad their subordinates do. If the agents were acting independently – management failed to establish proper control of the process. If the agents were directed,,,,management is derelict Either way – the process is out of control. This is systemic – chop some heads.

Separately – Ms Ingram was promoted because of, not in spite of….

What will we do when it’s over, and the Republicans have finished talking and done nothing about it?

When acting IRS Commissioner Miller says that they were struggling to find ways to resolve this problem, I wished someone from that oversight committee would have said
“Why didn’t you come to us for guidance or direction? “.

That would be an utterly foreign option to Acting IRS Commissioner Miller I know – but a most appropriate option.