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I said the same thing as Jon Stewart, but for different reasons

I said the same thing as Jon Stewart, but for different reasons

When Jon Stewart is good, he’s really good.

And he’s really good in this clip about IRS targeting of the Tea Party and the AP phone records.

I found myself shouting the same bleeped out words, but for very different reasons.


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This IRS business is serious attack on Americans. But we must be careful not to let Obama and Crewe tell us what talking points we should focus on. The IRS situation is meant to cover for the horrible deaths of four Americans in Libya.

The WH now wants to move the focus away from Benghazi to ensure Hillary gets into the Presidential primary.

    Be sure to set a link to this gem

    David Axelrod: “When you’re POTUS theres so much you don’t know below you because the government is so vast.

    Yeah, and I’m sure if government was only half as large, it would be half-vast.

I’ve said before I think Old Walleyes Clinton is dust.

I feel quite vindicated on that score.

There is LOTS more to come on Benghazi.

And Fast & Furious is not over, either.

Ruh oh. As a former dem myself, knowing their pattern, I suspect the next step will be calling everyone a RAAAAACIST!

This was certainly a good day for conservatives AND America.

Maybe the Chicago thug juggernaut has been halted and may the MSM reap havoc on the White House.

Payback is hell, eh Mr. Prez???

    Valerie in reply to Ragspierre. | May 14, 2013 at 10:22 pm

    A “process Liberal” would be well-suited to be a Federal judge. Obama is an executive.

    I disagree that Obama is a “process Liberal”. He does not understand due process, or any of the other basic concepts in the Constitution. Neither does Eric Holder. That;s why they are in trouble, right now.

      Sanddog in reply to Valerie. | May 15, 2013 at 2:22 am

      Oh, Obama understands due process… he just believes his judgement is an adequate substitute.

      Laws are for the little people.

And John Stewart still believes there is a thing called “Good Government?” Good God, man! Wake up time? sheesh, Maybe it’ll take one more scandal to fully awaken these “Useful idiots” to the fact they’ve been played the whole time?

I hope Stewart will have some expletives left for when the real truth about Obama comes out.

Let’s not forget that Stewart still believes that Benghazi is a non story. Stewart is, and probably will always be, a progressive stooge.

Alex Bensky | May 15, 2013 at 12:03 am

Stewart is quite right that the allegation about the coverup being for electoral reasons is a reasonable inference but not the only one. But Stewart does occasionally actually apply standards to the left and I’m sorry to see his claim that Benghazi is a non-story.

Now, I have apparently joined the vast right-wing conspiracy and that may be why if a statement goes through twelve drafts, each one more painstaking than the former to eliminate any hint that the attack was terrorist, then yeah, I’d guess that they were trying to avoid the word, and avoided it after it’s clear they knew otherwise.

Obama came up through the Chicago machine, not against it. What makes anyone think that he’s not going to follow the Chicago way? You couple that background with his obvious narcissism–remember, his tribute to a great American hero, Neil Armstrong, was a picture of himself–and you get…what we got.

Stewart appears more upset that the Obama administration gave conservatives credibility than he is at the offenses themselves.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | May 15, 2013 at 7:59 am

Stewart missed the most ironic thing about the scandals. Obama gave a speech at Ohio State that got lots of attention on the rightsphere in which he told graduates to reject the fears of government tyranny. Then this week we learn that the government itself confessed to using its monopoly on coercion to silence its critics OUTSIDE of government by slow walking the approval of organizational formation documents for conservative and Tea Party groups. For its critics who are actually WITHIN the government, it used government coercion to gain access to press phone records to see who WITHIN the government leaked stuff to the press the government doesn’t want us to know.

Using government force to silence critics is government tyranny defined. Stewart missed an opportunity to highlight it.

Government run healthcare is gonna be awesome.