I couldn’t care less about RI Governor Linc Chafee changing from “Independent” to “Democrat.”

The Democrats in Rhode Island are the most upset about it, because they know him.  They can have him.

You know who else doesn’t care? Aggie95 incthe Tip Line (you remember what that is, don’t you?) linking to a post at Hot Air:

hey professor … * GRIN * …. nice to see them own the spots they wear …. ain’t it

More from the Tip Line:

  • 4fun points to some Breitbart headlines about the Weiner.
  • Rasgpierre points to a Weekly Standard article about Austin Goolsbee making stuff up about how he found out about Koch Industries taxes, and then deleting what he made up.
  • MaggotAtBroadAndWall points out that Spain is not going along with global warming.
  • Bruno Lesky points to a must read (I read it, so I know it’s must read) post by Victor Davis Hanson on Western Cultural Suicide.

Other than that, keep each other informed.


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