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Holder ain’t heavy, he’s “the Moses of our time”

Holder ain’t heavy, he’s “the Moses of our time”

It’s always interesting to watch the contortionists at MSNBC when it comes to defending the actions of the Obama administration.

Mediaite has posted video of a segment from Martin Bashir’s program, in which a panel discusses the language used in the FBI affidavit pertaining to FOX News reporter James Rosen’s alleged role in a State Department leak – it’s a must-see video.

In it, MSNBC contributor and Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson dismisses the notion that any outcry about the language is justified and he calls Eric Holder the “Moses of our time.”

Noah Rothman writes:

Dyson opened the segment by insisting that Fox News Channel journalist James Rosen, whose movements were tracked, his phone records and those of his parents logged, and his personal emails searched by the DOJ, is no victim. “You can be a co-conspirator without being a target of investigation,” Dyson said.

MSNBC host Martin Bashir erupted at this notion, exclaiming how it has “stripped bare” the claims of some who have said that the Justice Department investigating Rosen as a willing conspirator in an effort to violate the Espionage Act was slightly heavy-handed. […]

Later in the segment, asked by Bashir if Holder should resign as attorney general, Dyson agreed that he should step down… “off of that plateau where he resides in high principle, and whip some heads.”


“What he should understand is that he is the chief lawgiver of the United States of America, so to speak – he’s the Moses of our time, and at least for this administration,” Dyson continued.

But Dyson’s claim simply doesn’t hold up against what is actually written in the the FBI affidavit.

Thursday evening on The O’Reilly Factor, Megyn Kelly pointed out that the lesser noticed paragraph #45 from the affidavit asserted actual liability on Rosen’s part, which is a step further than just naming him as a co-conspirator.

Because of the reporter’s own potential criminal liability in this matter, we believe that requesting the voluntary production of the materials from reporter would be futile…  (emphasis added)

This is in stark contrast with the “Holder is the Moses of our time” portrait painted by Dyson, and it seems to me that outcry about the language used in the affidavit is justified.


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MSNBC descends to a new level of hell

    Ragspierre in reply to Neo. | May 30, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    …AND ratings. Really.

    Neo in reply to Neo. | May 30, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    Michael Eric Dyson is an American academic, author, and radio host. He is a professor of sociology at Georgetown University.

    I damn well knew he couldn’t be a professor of political science .. lawmaker … every 5th grader knows that Congress makes the laws, the Executive enforces the laws.

Speaking of the Obama regime…

“[Republicans] keep poking at it, but it’s a Pillsbury Doughboy, he just laughs,” Dyson told Martin Bashir this afternoon. “Obama is just laughing at the kind of ticklish interferences going on here because there’s nothing there, there’s no ‘there’ there. There’s no scandal,” he said. “If you want scandal, look for Kerry Washington in the third season [of the ABC show Scandal].”

I’d say it was more like a brittle gingerbread man.

And, there’s this…

American officials “instructed Benghazi hospital to list [US Ambassador] Stevens as ‘John Doe,’” Sharyl Attkisson reports at CBS:

U.S. officials gave instructions for Benghazi Medical Center to use a “John Doe” pseudonym on the death certificate of Ambassador Christopher Stevens after he died of asphyxiation in the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. That’s according to a U.S. official speaking on condition of anonymity because the official isn’t authorized to speak publicly on the matter. The reason for the pseudonym, says the official, was to avoid drawing undue attention to the importance of the victim as Americans rushed to figure out how to recover Stevens’ body and return it to the U.S.

“Undue attention” from whom? As one person tweeted today in response to Attkisson’s story, ” if that does not say cover-up don’t know what does”.
—Ed Driscoll

Chief lawmaker?? Are we surprised that Progs like Dyson think this way?

Not only do we have Obama the Messiah, Holder should be seen as Moses? If they want to throw around religious reference, let’s add these: Washington DC is Gomarah, Tea Party activists are Noah and the Constitution is his ark.

As for “come down and start whipping some heads” – another example of Prog-thinking….those who dare speak out should be punished. Are you not surprised that the Left does not see any intimidation enacted by the IRS, or issuing warrants against reporters? By his thinking, der hasn’t done enough.

And it’s the Lefts desire to see Holder and others take off the kid gloves that worries me.

“You can be a co-conspirator without being a target of investigation,…”

Yes, you can. Holder is, he’s not, and he should be.

Eric Holder makes John N. Mitchell look like a saint.

Like un-housebroken animals, the clowns at MSNBC will forever be crapping on the carpet.

They’ll be the Bagdad Bob’s of the democrat media, screaming victory as Obama is led out of the White House well prior to the end of his second term.

Bashir? Irish, isn’t he? Dyson? Uhh, vacuum cleaners? Gotta’ be cause he sucks!

I’m no longer concerned with Holder as he will be gone before the end of June.

I am concerned on who will be nominated to replace him.

Of greater concern is Benghazi, IRSgate and of course, Fast & Furious.

All of the above would normally bring down the administration as well but then we have them thar’ bitter clingers to the left’s apron strings…

The title is accurate …. Holder is Moses who takes his law from the black Messiah, Lord, God, and Savior …. the Kenyan Choomer-in-Chief. The Kenyan even has his version of the Ten Commandments.

Alex Bensky | May 30, 2013 at 11:16 pm

At least they’re being more honest about it. Besides, the AG is supposed to be not the chief law giver but the chief law enforcer, and he’s made it clear that’s not a task he thinks he’s supposed to do.

I am not able to understand why this doesn’t get more attention, but his voting rights section has said overtly that its job is the protection of voting rights for some, but not all, Americans.

Henry Hawkins | May 30, 2013 at 11:25 pm

It is chilling. They tip off what they’d love to see – a country where progressives remain forever in charge and can make laws and assess taxes from the executive branch, just like a beneficent dictatorship (as they see it) ought to be.

They truly would have no problem with a dictatorship if they liked the dictator’s political agenda, and they would see an Obama dictatorship as beneficent, necessary for the good of all.

There is danger afoot.

Eric Holder sure doesn’t look Jewish. But neither did Sammy Davis Jr.

Eric Holder is not the Moses of our time. Rather Holder is Moses’ brother Aaron, the one who made the ebony calf.

Uncle Samuel | May 31, 2013 at 8:01 am

Holder is the Anti-Moses. He is essentially lawless. He has actually said he would not prosecute His People.

That is a statement of rebellion and contempt of US Law/Constitution and enough for impeachment right there.

Farrakhan has said pretty much the same thing. Jeremiah Wright’s spewings and rantings are pretty much the same stuff.

In their eyes, blacks are above or beyond the reach of US law.

Islamists also do not recognize any law but Sharia.

So, evidence, logic and reason would tell us Holder, Farrakhan and Islam (and Obama, by default) are not compatible with the US government.

Midwest Rhino | May 31, 2013 at 8:31 am

If Holder is Moses, I guess that makes Obama god.

Certainly Holder has turned Justice into “Just Us”, Obama has take from his enemies and provide for “His People”. The IRS and other bureaucrats act as archangels, destroying any that oppose “The Won”. Oprah stated in evangelical tones “I do BELIEVE he is The One”.

The media choir certainly sings his praises, but now they’ve been slapped in the face. Is the mask off?

radiofreeca | May 31, 2013 at 8:59 am

Well, I don’t know if Obama is God or not, but his Administration sure does act like it’s above the Law… 🙂

Uncle Samuel | May 31, 2013 at 9:23 am

What Dyson is saying is that Holder is the vehicle of Black Muslim Supremacists’ ‘special’ law that they see as above the US Constitution (which was written by evil white slave-holders).

This attitude is the reason for the Martin/Zimmerman farce of a trial and civil lawsuit.

In their eyes, it’s OK for black gangs to beat people senseless (or to death), but it’s not OK to use self-defense against them. (They feel the same way about Israel and the Islamists)

Incredible. Holder, the “Moses” of our time? I’m sorry, but I don’t recall Moses working for Satan and the dark side, as does Holder. I would think Holder compares more correctly to “the Kingfish,” Mr. Dyson…