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Hamas’ war on long hair and low-hung trousers

Hamas’ war on long hair and low-hung trousers

Do you remember the Saturday Night Live skit The Adventures of Miles Cowperthwaite?

Captain Ned: [ interrupting ] That’s enough, Miles.. [ Miles sits ] Now, men, I run a mans’ ship. I will run it in a manful and masculine way! I will tolerate no men under my command who act in such a way so as to discredit their manhood and manliness! Do I make myself clear?

Guess what? Hamas is apparently adopting the very same standards, with more brutal force. Gaza security forces to uphold ‘standards of manliness’:

In April, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights reported that Hamas had been rounding up young men and forcing them to get haircuts on grounds of inappropriate hairstyles.

Some of the youths were beaten for styling their hair in a way deemed unacceptable to Gaza’s ruling Islamist movement, or wearing low-hung trousers, PCHR said.

“Those young men were forced to get haircuts in a humiliating way and several of them were beaten. They were also forced to sign statements saying they will never grow their hair or have strange hairstyles or even wear low-waist trousers,” a statement from the group said.

But now it’s no laughing matter.


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the hair thing * SHRUG * but the pants thing …. I swear if I see one more guy waddling down the street with his underware hanging out * SIGH *

Hmmm….never thought that Hamas could do something that we would find useful in the US……if you added a shower to the pants and haircut protocols, we could use it on the remnents of Occupy Mom’s Basement.