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Greed still is good

Greed still is good

From LukeHandCool:

If I’d had a can of spray paint, I’d have added,

“Milton Friedman and I are so happy to hear this! Thank you! Uncle Milton is smiling in his grave!”

I took this picture of Occupied public property on Pacific Coast Highway outside the parking lot of the Annenberg Community Beach House, where our youngest daughter played in a beach volleyball tournament.

Good excuse to play the video of Uncle Milton schooling Phil Donahue … to no avail.


And yes, I don’t need much of an excuse to re-post the Milton Friedman / Phil Donahue video:

Also, here’s a link to the source of the quote and poster.


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The MTY chair theme again. Ah, memories…

Uncle Samuel | May 16, 2013 at 7:18 am

God in HIS Superior Wisdom, gave us freedom to choose to be virtuous or not.

Obedience to His Law was optional – either obey or leave the camp of the Righteous. Obey or be separated from Him and His people. Obey or face the consequences. (Leviticus 26, Isaiah 10:5 and many other Scriptures).

Freedom, Free Enterprise, Charity are grown on the foundation of true Worship and conformity to God’s Law and Order are God’s will…and the theme of Scripture.

Our current culture is in rebellion against God and we are experiencing the consequences (see Leviticus 26:17) as a result.

    Uncle Samuel in reply to Uncle Samuel. | May 16, 2013 at 7:20 am

    Correction: Freedom, Free Enterprise, Charity are grown on the foundation of true Worship and conformity to God’s Law and Order – These are God’s will…and the theme of Scripture

Lecturing a liberal with regard as to how numbers work is, er, well, um just plain futile!

Friedman is right…

LukeHandCool | May 16, 2013 at 11:10 am

Phil Donahue: the original Occupy/1% demagogue.

Let me ask Phil this question for Uncle Milton:

“When you see the IRS and Benghazi and DOJ AP scandals … when you see us playing chicken with the oncoming Obamacare train wreck … when you see the drones and the golfing and the star-studded WH parties as the unemployed languish … did you ever have a moment of doubt about progressivism and whether hope and change is a good idea to run on?”

LukeHandCool | May 16, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Cramming just now for an accounting test on acquisition of plant assets and figuring interest to capitalize via weighted-average accumulated expenditures and avoidable interest … at the part where my eyes glaze over and my mind starts to wander to Legal Insurrection and Drudge and Instapundit … and I fight with myself to resist the temptation … and it hit me … the problem with the world in a nutshell:

Too few Milton Friedmans and too many Phil Donahues.

Talk about assets and liabilities and scarcity and oversupply, etc., etc.

Tomorrow our oldest daughter graduates from USC, a double major in math and economics, in four years. When I look back to when we moved to America and she started kindergarten a couple of weeks later, unable to speak English, I’m amazed and grateful.

I tried to give her inspiration (e.g., by sending her this video of Milton & Phil a number of times … causing her to email me back asking, “Do you know how many times you’ve sent me this? I love this video, but you can stop sending it already! You’re too too much, Daddy, but I still love you.”)

I give almost all the credit to my wife, though, who takes no excuses from the kids and who has pushed them academically … pretty good for someone who was a disinterested, mediocre student herself. And I’m just a dummy who struggles to get through life.

So, besides my wife and me … I think credit also goes to Milton Friedman. His intelligence and wit and sweet, affable manner showed my daughter that greed is good. It’s not really greedy. It’s wanting a better life for yourself and your children. That puts you in a better position to then help those outside your family.

Greed is no worse than hope & change. Actually, they’re the same thing. Only, one does it in the right order, and the other puts the cart before the horse, and the horse is then blocked from making forward progress.

Anyway, thanks Uncle Milton, for helping to inspire our daughter to study economics, as well as math. You taught her there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to go out and make a fortune. That that’s actually a noble goal.

Because that’s what makes the world go ’round and makes the pie grow larger.

It’s not necessarily that greed is good. It’s not. It’s that resources, both natural and human, are finitely available and accessible. There will be a select minority, perhaps an individual, who will enjoy a beachfront property in Hawaii.

We need to acknowledge the terms and circumstances of reality. We need to respect individual dignity. We need to recognize the intrinsic value of human life, which evolves from conception to grave. We need to promote the general Welfare, while recognizing that dissociation of risk causes corruption. We need distributed, comprehensive, sustainable exploitation of the Earth and its resources.