George Zimmerman’s lawyers released photos from Trayvon Martin’s cell phone, including the two below.

Zimmerman’s team says they will seek to introduce the photos and others to show that he was not as portrayed in the media and by the family’s attorneys:

The evidence that George Zimmerman’s attorneys have uncovered on Trayvon Martin’s cellphone paints a troubling picture of the Miami Gardens teenager: He sent text messages about being a fighter, smoking marijuana and being ordered to move out of his home by his mother.

And photos from that phone offer more of the same: healthy green plants — what appear to be marijuana — growing in pots and a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun.

Defense attorneys on Thursday gave formal notice to prosecutors that they intend to use those and other reputation-damaging pieces of evidence about Trayvon once Zimmerman’s second-degree-murder trial begins June 10.

I think the trial should focus on the facts of what happened, not personality traits of the two people involved. The prosecution, however, has sought to put Zimmerman’s background on trial in the media, including claims he was racist (which he denies) and other problems he had in his life.

If the prosecution is allowed to go there at trial, to get away from the facts of what happened or to put the character of either person in issue, it does seem that what’s good for the prosecution should be good for the defense.

Trayvon Martin Photo Handgun

Trayvon Martin Photo Pot Plants


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