The EU’s arms embargo on the Syrian conflict — which effectively meant an arms embargo on the rebels — expired tonight after there was no agreement reached to extend it.

This means that arms can be sent to rebels, although it’s unclear if that will happen immediately.

The announcement came via Twitter:

“Tonight EU nations agreed to bring the arms embargo on the Syrian opposition to an end. This was the outcome that the United Kingdom wanted. It was a difficult decision for some countries, but it was necessary and right to reinforce international efforts to reach a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Syria.

It was important for Europe to send a clear signal to the Assad regime that it has to negotiate seriously, and that all options remain on the table if it refuses to do so. Tonight EU nations have done just that.

The other elements of EU sanctions on the Assad regime will be retained. EU nations also agreed a common framework for those member states who, in the future, may decide to supply military equipment to the Syrian National Coalition. These agreed safeguards would ensure that any such equipment would only be supplied to the National Coalition, for the protection of civilians. This does not mean that we have made any decision as the United Kingdom to send arms to the National Coalition, but we now have the flexibility to respond in the future if the situation continues to deteriorate and if the Assad regime refuses to negotiate.

Thousands of lives are at stake in Syria. Our focus remains on efforts to secure a successful outcome at the forthcoming Geneva conference, and a political transition that ends the conflict, allows refugees to return to their homes, and prevents further radicalisation in Syria.”

This effecting lifting of the arms embargo comes on the heels of Hezbollah announcing it will send even more troops to help Assad, the quagmire in Qusayr, the firing of rockets into Hezbollah’s stronghold in Southern Beirut and also in the pro-Hezbollah town of Hermel.

Le Monde also reported the use of chemical weapons by pro-government forces, based on reporting by Le Monde reporters in Syria accompanying the rebels.

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