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Eric Holder recused himself from AP phone subpoena issuance, and from investigation

Eric Holder recused himself from AP phone subpoena issuance, and from investigation

Eric Holder just ended a press conference.

As previously reported by Fox News:

Attorney General Eric Holder is recusing himself from the investigation into leaks made to The Associated Press, Fox News has learned.

Also, as CNN reported, Holder previously had recused himself from consideration of issuance of the subpoenas:

Attorney General Eric Holder recused himself from the decision to subpoena the phone records of Associated Press reporters, a source told CNN’s Jessica Yellin on Tuesday.

The approval fell to Deputy Attorney General James Cole, the source said.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Tuesday that the White House had no knowledge of any attempt by the Justice Department “to seek phone records of the Associated Press.”


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The White House has no knowledge about these kinds things. The White House only has knowledge of local crimes it is interested in, celebrity events, important stuff like when Rush Limbaugh calls someone a fluke, and Memorial Day golf plans.

pilgrim1949 | May 14, 2013 at 2:49 pm

Calling Sgt. Schultz, calling Sgt. Schultz.

Yo, Schultzie, report to Commandant Obamaklink’s office immediately!

How long will we put up with this shinola? Another 3 1/2 years? Are people really this gullible that they can’t tell when they are being lied to even if the lie smacks them right in the face? The arrogance of these so-called “officials” is outrageous.

“Good Christians! they with bended knees
Ingulf’d the wine, but loathe the lees,
Averting, (so the text commands,)
With ardent eyes and upcast hands,
The cup of sorrow from their lips,
And fly, like rats, from sinking ships.”

Jonathan Swift


FYI: CIA source says still one more shoe to drop. Yes, four shoes. Dead ambassador, tapped phones, IRS probes. Will it be worse? Can it be?!

— joseph curl (@josephcurl) May 14, 2013

    Estragon in reply to wyntre. | May 14, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    We’ve got four already! Sebelius shaking down the healthcare industry for money Congress refused to appropriate.

    It’s clear that with Benghazi and the IRS the goal was to delay the bad news coverage until after the election. That was successful. Obama’s governing philosophy is “Worry about it mañana, party with Jay-Z tonight!”

    The AP and Sebelius scandals are just typical examples of the corrupting arrogance of power.

    We may not know the full story of the corruption and lying of this Regime until it has been driven from office.

Can one recuse oneself from a decision made by one’s own subordinates? It makes sense for someone to recuse when there is another of equal standing who can take over without fear of retribution from the person who recuses himself. For example, when one member of a deliberative panel steps out and leaves the others to make the decision.

But the head of an agency cannot abrogate his ultimate responsibility for any decision or action that occurs within that agency. If Holder had, say, requested a Special Prosecutor be appointed who does not work for Justice and has no plans to – then a recusal might be the word for what he is doing. Handing off to one’s own hired deputy is called “delegation”, not “recusal”.

What the Axelrod Administration has never understood is that authority can be delegated, but responsibility cannot be. They think it is the other way around.

What did he recuse himself from if he didn’t know anything about nothin’?

Further, I love how everyone is “recusing” themselves from the ever so remote possibility that those phone were tapped.


ACLU filed a FOIA on wiretapping citizens, and the DOJ complied fully with it’s legal obligation.

Here it is:

See! Like Obama says, “we released all the information!”

The “President” is only the President when he’s giving speeches.

Other than that, somebody else is in charge.

Right now, the IG of the IRS is President, and no one is to make a move until he says so.

With that in mind, I have no idea what Holder’s talking about.

He was President during Fast & Furious, and it’s not his turn.

Besides, it doesn’t look like Pickering and Adm. Mullen are done being President over Benghazi.

Dear FBI, IRS, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, State Police, County Sheriff, and police Dpt.

I hereby officially recuse myself.

[…] to let Obama administration investigate the IRS by itself. That’s fine but not enough. From Eric Holder we hear has recused himself from the AP Big Media whores offline phone records scandal. That certainly is not […]

Yes, it’s the “Full Schultz”!

Henry Hawkins | May 14, 2013 at 5:01 pm

“President Biden.” Sounds good to me. He’s too stupid and this administration too tainted for him to do anything, so it’ll be like the old, good 1970s Saturday Night Live at the White House. Every day a new Biden laugher.

I’d like someone to explain why the DOJ didn’t just subpoena its own employees phone and email records to find the leak, or those of whoever they suspect of giving the information to the AP. Wouldn’t that have been quicker and easier, and not gotten the press in an uproar?

Kimmrz, the phone records announcement is probably designed more to intimidate reporters against reporting on Benghazi than to try to locate the source of that other report that happened “a long time ago”. Remember those phone records might also include calls some reporter made that might embarrass him personally if his wife found out. I am betting that is why this IRS issue has now been admitted openly, too. All intended to hide Benghazi. The truth must be really scary. Meanwhile, as someone else pointed out (can’t remember where), Amnesty for Illegal Aliens is marching quietly along toward a vote. 🙁