Both The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel have great content.

But I always go to The Times of Israel whenever possible.

The Jerusalem Post must hate its online readers, or at least take them for granted, because getting to the content is a real fight.

When I saw a link to an article at the Post on Twitter, this is what I saw above the fold after I fought through the pop-over and pop-up:

Jerusalem Post Story 5-9-2013

Apparently there is a story in there somewhere.

Here’s the home page above the fold:

Jerusalem Post Homepage 5-9-2013

Sure, I can scroll down to see some text, but why should I have to do that? Why should I have to fight just to read what you want me to read?

And why should I keep coming back when there are alternatives?

The Jerusalem Post seems to want to carve out a niche as the go-to news site for gluttons for punishment.


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