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Commerce nomination cost Pritzker a pretty Penny

Commerce nomination cost Pritzker a pretty Penny

Today President Obama nominated “friend” and fellow Chicagoan Penny Pritzker as Commerce Secretary, a post that has not been filled since June 2012.

In doing so he has gifted one of his top fundraisers (and one of the heirs to the Hyatt chain) with a title, perhaps in exchange for her superior rainmaking abilities for his 2008 and 2012 campaigns. Pritzker, who was the national finance chair for his 2008 campaign and co-chaired his 2012 reelection campaign, was also partner of the former Superior Bank, which “specialized in sub-prime lending.” Pritzker also was a former school board member in Chicago.

The choice is unsurprising for a president who, now out of campaign mode, is in returning-favor mode. Let’s hope that Pritzker keeps her nose out of commerce as much as possible if her tenure at Superior is any judge. Her bank’s strategy was best described by the Office of Thrift Supervision:

Superior Bank suffered as a result of its former high-risk business strategy, which was focused on the generation of significant volumes of subprime mortgage and automobile loans for securitization and sale in the secondary market. OTS found that the bank also suffered from poor lending practices, improper record keeping and accounting, and ineffective board and management supervision

What this means for the rest of America, as another Chicagoan blights the White House, is that our seedy scene is once again your seedy scene.


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Prior to the theft of the 2012 presidential election, when even some of the voting fraudsters on the left thought that real democracy might prevail in spite of their criminal actions, Pritzker was reportedly heavily involved in gathering up money from uber-1%-ers to buy OBOZO a mega-multi-million-dollar estate in Hawaii. So, of course, OBOZO will pay her back.

Had Bush 43 and the Republicans actually bothered to counter the Dem’s charges that they were behind the mortgage meltdown we would likely be in a very different world today.

But Republicans tend to be spineless, and so the world is the way it is.

“It’s different when we (actually) do it”.

Ragspierre’s First Amendment to Shaidle’s First Law.

See, we DON’T actually do what the Collective ACTUALLY DOES DO, but demonizes us for doing.

This puts the “Capital” on crony capitalism.

This President has a habit of making the cynical, reality.

Was Barney Frank also on the board of Superior Bank and Theft?

Does Liz Blow-smoke-up-ur-hontas Warren approve?

Can we give up Karen Lewis, too?

“The Billion Dollar Penny”

(C)2013, mojo

Well we do have a bad penny president.

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This country is looking more like late 18th century France, and late 19th century Russia every day. It’s not crony-capitalism, it is court patronage.