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Benghazi hearings live streaming

Benghazi hearings live streaming

The House Benghazi hearings started at 11:30, with various introductions.

As of this writing, the substantive testimony had not yet begun.

You also can watch the live hearings at CSPAN and via YouTube below:

[Hearings adjourned for day, feed removed]


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seems every stream has issues, fox and youtube stuttering, pbs and usa today low audio.

Maybe the NSA has been ordered to scramble the signal just enough to be annoying? Lol. With this administration anything is possible. Even jailing Mark Bacile Yousef for making a video!

I have noticed one thing – Hicks has not once used the word terrorist in describing the attacks. Several times he has said “we were under attack” or “we were being attacked”. Odd, isn’t it?

I’ll be interested in seeing the news reports from CBS later today…especially from Sharyl Attkisson who’s been pretty focused on Benghazi for a while now…

…guess we’ll see…

Meanwhile in other news ….. Obama was much better on the links today …..

As bad as this affair is, I’m afraid that the MSM will do their best to bury it. They are hand in hand partners with this corrupt administration.

Gawd he’p us…

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