With each passing hour, it becomes more and more clear that the truth was concealed from the American public prior to the election about two major Obama administration scandals.

Benghazi was very much in the news prior to the election. The concealment went to the culpability of the Obama administration in failing to heed warnings about security at the Benghazi consulate, the nature of the pre-planned al-Qaeda attack, the scrubbing of the talking points used by Susan Rice, the failure to go to the aid of Americans in trouble, and the claim that the attack was a result of a YouTube video.

That concealment, which now has been exposed in part (much information still has not been released), helped Obama out on an issue which was very much a part of the campaign, and allowed Obama to rebound in the second and third presidential debates after a disastrous first debate put the election outcome in doubt.

The Benghazi concealment allowed the media and the Obama campaign to get away with distractions such as whether Mitt Romney should have issued a press statement, and whether Obama’s generalized non-specific use of the term “acts of terror” constituted an admission that the Benghazi attack was terrorism. These distractions, rather than the administration’s defalcation of duty, worked to Obama’s great advantage.

The other concealment went to an even more explosive issue, the deliberate and concerted targeting by the IRS of Tea Party and conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, and leaks of information about conservative groups.

The stories now are legion, and growing, of IRS stall tactics and inappropriate delving into religious and political beliefs, and the identification of persons with whom the groups interacted. No such targeting took place as to liberal and progressive groups. This targeting was known to senior IRS officials long before the election, but was kept quiet in a variety of ways (including denying such documents existed in response to a FOIA request) until after the election.

That the IRS sought to break the scandal through a planted question and answer at a Bar Association event speaks volumes to the consciousness of guilt.

The IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups not only advantaged supporters of Obama, it kept out of the public domain a very potent issue which would have driven a massive anti-Obama turnout among Tea Party and conservative voters generally unenthused about Mitt Romney.

In each of these concealments, it appears that the dirty work was done by agencies under the control of the Obama administration.

It matters not whether Obama has plausible deniability personally because he allegedly only learns about scandals from the news. These people reported to him directly or indirectly, and they took it upon themselves to conceal from the American public prior to the election facts which, if known, would have greatly damaged Obama’s campaign and inspired his opponents.

The election of 2012 was tainted by All the President’s Concealers.


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