The Al Qaeda magazine, Inspire, is celebrating the Boston Marathon bombings and mocking US security in its current issue, while insinuating unavoidable future attacks on Americans.

From the NY Post:

Inspire, known as the Vanity Fair of terrorism, also tried to parlay recent ricin-laced letters sent Congress into amping up American fear.

Those recent terrorist acts “prove that your security has lapsed and that the attacks against you are taking a course that nobody can control… [So] save yourselves if you care for your own skin,” according to the publication.

The terrorist mag also mocks US security, presumably local police and FBI agents, for failing to stop these evil acts.

“O American people, your security will not be attained by denying security to other peoples, attacking them or oppressing them,” according to Inspire.

“Your security is in the hands of the fools among you who rule you with oppression and aggression. Know that oppression and aggression come back upon the heads of those who use them.”

This latest taunt from Inspire also comes amidst scrutiny over conflicting reports about Ibragim Todashev, a Chechen man who was fatally shot by an FBI agent in Florida just over a week ago.

Todashev, a friend of deceased Boston bombing suspect, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, was being questioned by agents in connection with a 2011 triple homicide that occurred in Waltham, Massachusetts.  The Waltham case became a subject of renewed interest after the Boston bombings because of Tsarnaev’s association to one of the victims in that case.

Todashev was said to have implicated himself and Tsarnaev in the 2011 slayings just prior to the altercation that prompted an agent to fatally shoot him.  But conflicting reports about the incident left many with questions last week and officials indicated that a review would be conducted.

Law enforcement officials have since confirmed that Todashev was unarmed when he was shot.  The news has prompted the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations to call for an independent investigation from the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

Since the revelation that Todashev was unarmed, a few more details have emerged about the circumstances surrounding his interview with law enforcement personnel that day, though all the facts still remain unclear to much extent.

Initial reports citing anonymous law-enforcement individuals provided conflicting accounts of what happened. Some law enforcement officials said Todashev wielded a knife and others suggested that he attempted to grab the FBI agent’s gun.

One law enforcement official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation, said Wednesday that Todashev lunged at the agent and overturned a table. But the official said Todashev did not have a gun or a knife. A second official also said Todashev was unarmed.

Civil Rights Division and local prosecutors are said to be reviewing the case as well.

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